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We believe in you

Dear Oscar

I saw you in London in 2012. You are a great inspiration for young people.

We love and pray for you.

Have strength be strong. 14 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Summer's Heart

Filmed during the beautiful summer month of August 2012, during the Olympic Games & presented in glorious widescreen.

Why Mo should keep with the marathon

Mo Farah was hoping for a faster time and a better placing in London on Sunday, but he certainly did not disgrace himself in a type of race which doesn’t play to his strengths. 292 more words

Sport, diplomacy and war...almost

After Stalin died, everything was going to get better. When we heard the news, on the BBC Home Service, early in the morning, I asked my mother if Stalin was in Hell.   1,344 more words

God is your refuge

Dear Oscar

Growing up, I heard of the famous guy from our country (South Africa) who ran but had no legs. I thought it was just a well known gossip until I saw it with my own eyes when you ran at the 2012 Summer Paralymics in London on television. 92 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Bigotry in Sochi

Was anyone else outraged by the social injustice on display in Sochi?

I know I was.


First: There were only two gender categories.

Just two! 209 more words


You will win this race, too

“You could throw me in the fire and I won’t be burned / For my faith is your desire and your love endures/ You could cast me in the lion’s den and they won’t harm me / For your grace surrounds me and it sets me free” 463 more words

Oscar Pistorius