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Drop It Like It’s Hot

When I arrived to Barcelona 10 years ago, my friend took me to the best hip hop place in the town. They played my favorite song those days, “Drop It Like It’s Hot’ by Snoop Dogg, and I thought I had found a heaven on Earth but little did I know… 310 more words


Mystery Pendant Question

The Mystery Pendant

I’m helping to solve a mystery object acquired from Bhutan by somebody on Reddit.  The message read:

My employee’s mom got this for her on a trip to Bhutan; bus does not know what the symbols mean.

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The days moved strangely. Tethered to home by the need to be nearby for Mosby I found myself not only cleaning but cleaning out. Mindful that each day was a step closer to the time of parting awareness of the impermanence of life became foremost in my mind. 440 more words

The "Gatekeeper" Mandala: Days 1 - 47

I began a new-to-me style of mandalas resembling Tibetan Sand Mandalas. Gatekeeper is my first of many. It’s painted on a 7″x10″ wood block using acrylics and gel/paint pens. 246 more words

The Mandala Lady