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People Who Care

Omaha NB – Boys’ Town

One of the critical parts of what is the heart of America are people who care and actually do something about it.. 56 more words


Six Degrees of Separation? Child's Play

Recently- not that this is anything novel or previously unexperienced, but- recently, and I mean, just this month, I’ve met or run into complete strangers who know all the same people I do. 674 more words

Tensions Rise in Preseason Trash Talk

The first of many personal attacks has been launched in the Big O Fantasy League message boards. Corey Stringer, owner of the oh-so-clever Trout Sucks Weiner,  285 more words

Fantasy Football

Webnesday (17)

Shortly before the start of summer, I was out in the garden having a look at one of our roses when a small movement drew my attention. 67 more words


Are you going to play cash game at the casino for the first time?

This morning Connor Wilson from IL told me he will go play a $1/2 cash game at the casino and asked me for some advice. 294 more words

Tips & Tricks

Back in the Saddle

Ok, I admit it. It’s been a while and I’ve been slacking. But I just moved across the country so I have a good excuse. 628 more words

The metagame in poker

Last night I’ve recorded a small tournament final table to illustrate an article I made about how to handle SnG 180 man. It wasn’t an SnG but due to the tournament structure, the buy-in and the number of participants, the strategy remained the same. 866 more words

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