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OMAKASE | 鮨佐瀬 (Sushi Sase)

A much talked about session, finally putting together some sake fans to try out a few rare bottles to be backed by Sase-san’s most reliable execution. 89 more words

Hong Kong

Marumo - Leeming

*This restaurant has moved to Nedlands, and has started taking bookings.*

Ever woken up and just wanted to be somewhere else? Some days I just wake up feeling like this: 821 more words

Sushi Taro in DC

Last month I had the pleasure of dinning at Sushi Taro, in Washington, DC. As I usually do when I eat here, I came for 2 consecutive nights at their omakase counter. 1,443 more words

SUSHI | 植原 (Uehara)

Another member of the Sushi 2.0 clan fresh out of the gate. Uehara-san, though still got a baby face, has some 14 years of experience under his belt with the last 8 spent at Sushi Hiro. 71 more words

Hong Kong


Teppei has been stirring some serious waves in the high end, expensive omakase scene in Singapore –  the main reason being; it’s decidedly not high end or expensive, but still offers exceptionally good quality food. 787 more words


SUSHI | 岩浪 (Iwanami)

Paying Chef Ricky a long overdue revisit on ‘Sevens’ Saturday. He’s probably among one of the earliest in town to serve contemporary style sushi and the revolutionary combination of the sushi and tempura counter, while may shock some of the traditionalists, is still one of the major draw cards for his frequent customers. 77 more words

Hong Kong