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Omakase burger

An extraodinary buger that will blow your mind. 150 more words


Tokyo: Kyubei

I was going through my email trying to find the notes I took of the exemplary meal my wife and I had a Kyubei but I couldn’t find them…I don’t know what happened to them. 1,929 more words


Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji

Until a week ago, I never realized why most respectable sushi restaurants did not have clear, floor-to-ceiling windows. Heat. Direct sunlight produces heat. Combine that with a sushi restaurant bare ready for lunch service with a bucket full of just-mixed sushi rice emitting vinegar in the form of steam and you get…A veritable sauna hot-circulating rancid, sour air through the respiratory systems of everyone in it. 1,334 more words


SUSHI | 天寿し 京町店 (Tenzushi Kyomachi)

As a little birthday treat to oneself, LG travelled all the way to Kokura in KitaKyushu to try out this much famed sushi place by Amano-san (天野功), No. 637 more words


Little Tokyo: Omakase at Mako Sushi

A friend offered to take me out for my birthday recently and I gave him a choice of sushi, meat, Ethiopian or meat. We narrowed it down to sushi and I picked out Mako Sushi in Little Tokyo since I’ve never been. 615 more words


Japonais Bistro

Can you say LUNCH omakase???  Second time that I’ve been to Japonais Bistro and I have to say, it is definitely growing on me.  Really down to earth restaurant with delicious food (although be prepared to wait).   230 more words


SAKE | 磯自慢 (Isojiman)

A self-organised tasting night of this premium maker’s specials thanks to the efforts of sake enthusiast friend JM. Much comparisons have been drawn with, not surprisingly, Burgundy wine, as this particular producer prides itself with the quality of rice being used, and most of them are proprietary crops from specific tiny fields in the famous Hyogo area for Yamada Nishiki. 252 more words

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