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'Resurrection' Recap: Rachael Gets Kidnapped

On the April 13 episode of ‘Resurrection,’ Maggie seeks a second opinion on her undead patients, Rachael’s shocking pregnancy secret falls into the wrong hands, and Marty and Pastor Tom try to convince some understandably nervous Arcadians that the returned are not dangerous.  1,265 more words

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Resurrection - Series review (so far)

Based on a book a lot of people have apparently read, ‘Resurrection’ dangles some juicy looking sci-fi mystery meat. But will it deliver on the goods? 304 more words


Love & Basketball

As March Madness comes to a close, I am inspired to highlight a personal favorite of mine, Love & Basketball.

Monica and Quincy ( 197 more words

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'Resurrection' Recap: Rachael Gets Some Shocking News

On the April 6 episode of ‘Resurrection,’ Maggie gives Rachael some life-changing news, Henry finally learns to let go of Jacob’s memory, and Caleb gives Marty and Sheriff Fred an ominous warning — right before he vanishes into thin air! 1,111 more words

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Pilots and Premieres: "Resurrection" - Series Premiere

Who:  “Resurrection,” currently airs on network TV, specifically on ABC, Sundays at 9:00 PM.

What: “Resurrection,” a fantasy drama in which long-deceased individuals find themselves alive again in the small town of Arcadia, Missouri, and watch as their families adjust to this news and, in some cases, try to solve the mystery of how these people received literally new leases on life. 1,238 more words

Believe Pilot Review

You better believe the plot to NBC’s ‘Believe’ seems pretty damned familiar … But is it a good rip off? Or is it a meal you can skip? 317 more words


The good and the bad on ABC’s Resurrection

I made the mistake of reading reviews of my favourite new television show, ABC’s Resurrection. The show has barely had time to breathe and television critics have already been raining hard on it. 680 more words