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A day above .500

After the Metropolitans completed their sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks yesterday in a 5-2 victory, the team is now sitting with a 8-7 record putting their win percentage above 500 for the first time since April 24 of last season. 490 more words

Review: Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along tells a story of Ben (Kevin Hart) trying to propose to Angela (Tika Simpter). Like all proposals, Ben tries to get James’ (Ice Cube) blessing – which is her girlfriend’s brother who happens to be a top cop in Atlanta (setting). 169 more words


Omar Suleiman: LOVE (A Lecture for ALL Brothers & Sisters)

 Lecture from the ‘Sand Dunes Tour’ that visited Hertfordshire, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, London and Birmingham in January 2012.
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Dead Kings: The Henriad in The Wire


For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
How some have been deposed; some slain in war, 1,633 more words

Weekend Tune: Top 10!

I can’t pick one song for this weekend. Special on this weekend, I’m gonna give you 10 songs, which are taken from Youtube. These songs are on repeat this week. 57 more words


Omar Khayyam's - Indian Restaurant

The restaurant is a famous vegetarian and Indian one in Hue. It owns the warm, relax atmosphere as well as the diversity flavors. http://www.omar-khayyam.co.uk/edinburgh-indian-restaurant-photos/slides/indian-restaurant-5-mov.jpg Directions: Go straight ahead from Hue Railway Station to Le Loi St. 25 more words