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Spotlight on Nature: Muppets

The natural wonders of our planet are diverse and amazing. For those who take the time to look, Nature is full of breathtaking surprises.  Here we see rare and extraordinary images of muppets captured in their pristine habitats.   36 more words


100 Happy Days: Day 85

Friday, September 12th.

Today I worked a couple of extra hours and then I got to go home and have the rest of the day off. 31 more words


A Trip to the Pandorica Restaurant

Many Whovian fans from across the globe have heard the news – a Doctor Who themed restaurant has opened up in Beacon, NY. At only about an hour from Geekritique’s headquarters, my betrothed and I chose to finally visit the Pandorica. 493 more words

Doctor Who

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Please excuse me while I freak out and jump on the next plane to New York.

Common sense versus logic and math: Congruence again

I thought I would write a computer routine to check if two figures were congruent by the CCSS definition (rigid motions). One day I will post it. 100 more words


"Fratstar: A Lifestyle"

So, here I am, shamelessly selling myself online. This is a video I made in roughly an hour today, and I’m beginning to really like the idea of getting into video. 91 more words

My dress has been ordered!!!

I’m so excited! I finally was able to order my dress. If I wasn’t sick right now I would be literally dancing around the house. 193 more words