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Ted Cruz apologizes for inconveniencing his fellow Senators by stalling the cromnibus bill

 At a luncheon today Ted Cruz apologized for “inconveniencing” his fellow Republican Senators by forcing them to change their travel plans ahead of the holiday when he delayed the vote on the Boehner/Obama cromnibus bill. 237 more words


Lame Duck or Cooked Goose?

Did you know, 29 of the elected officials voting “Yea” on this past weekends CRomnibus bill are either retiring or elected out of the office in the midterms? 436 more words

Political Review

You Can NOT Compromise With Evil

You Can NOT Compromise With Evil

By Alexis Deacon

Less than two weeks before Christmas, on a weekend, while Americans were out buying presents at the mall, attending holiday parties and watching football, like a thief in the night another piece of their country and their freedom was stolen from them. 1,600 more words

Sen. Ted Cruz

Who's Naughty? Who's Nice?


  • ISIS, Al Qaeda and Muslim Extremists:   Is there anything naughtier than cutting off somebody’s head?  Or slamming jet airliners into buildings and forcing people to choose whether to jump to their deaths or burn alive? 
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Completing the Set: Trial of Captain America Omnibus

Over 7 years ago–when I first got my current job–I rewarded myself with the purchase of my first-ever Marvel Omnibus volume in the first Captain America… 66 more words


Elizabeth Warren claims she is not running for President

  An interesting thing has happened since the cromnibus bill was passed: Ted Cruz has been ridiculed for nearly shutting the government down while Elizabeth Warren is being hailed as a middle-class warrior for doing the same. 369 more words


Both Parties Get What They Want from Campaign Finance Reform

Politico (12/12): “A senior Democratic congressional aide told POLITICO that Reid’s chief of staff, David Krone, oversaw the negotiations for Reid’s team, but that the office called in Elias as an adviser ‘to try to get our side something as well.’ Elias, who represents the senator and his leadership PAC, was tasked with figuring out: ‘If Republicans want limit increases, how could we structure that provision to help some of our priorities?'” 180 more words