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We explore fiction a little bit...

Giving a little spin on classic youth fiction!

Just a few more pix and that will be all. I am sad about that. I’ve been so wrapped up in finishing the Easter Adventure that I haven’t had a chance to make any singles. 54 more words

Children's Stories

Mother Goose, anyone?

Here’s a little bit of Mother Goose…

You get a bonus pix tonight!

Up next – classic children’s novels…

Children's Stories

Fairy Tales, part trois

One more journey into fairy tales – Mother Goose is up next!

I tackle Mother Goose next!

Children's Stories

Fairy Tales, part deux

Let’s continue in the fairy tale theme…

Twists on fairy tales are all the rage in young (new) adult fiction! Do you prefer the old-fashioned classics or the new-fangled stories? 17 more words

Children's Stories