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When is being vegan, too much..?

We all have that friend who is vegetarian (vegan). Right?
I’m totally ok with people being vegan: everyone is free to eat what they want (except humans i guess :/ ) 72 more words


Pennette with Red Peppers, Lemon and Feta Cheese

Peppers… you can use them in most recipes and always “fare una bella figura” or make a good impression.
In Italy, these two words “bella figura” are used to define anything to do with presentation, manners, skills, looks and elegance and most Italians would pay close attention to how they look, what they do and how they do it and how they present themselves especially when they want to impress someone or for special events/occasions (some of them nearing an obsessive compulsive disorder… lol). 476 more words



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Chicory (Indivia Belga), Artichokes hearts and Walnut Salad

I love the bitter taste of chicory in all its forms and variations (Catalogna and Radicchio being another reincarnation of the same family of plants). I think it’s great cooked (try grilling it or frying in the pan and the bitterness will be even more pronounced) and absolutely fabulous in a salad as it keeps its crunchiness. 337 more words


Obnoxious with Opinions

I will be honest, I’m going to have a quick vent about vegans and vegetarians. As a once vegetarian of 6 years, and now passionate about real, traditional foods, I can assure you I understand both sides of the story. 1,040 more words

An Ode to Cows...

My ode to cows.

I’m an omnivore – so this post will probably not make me very popular with vegans or vegetarians.

However, while being an omnivore, I have a lot of respect for cows and feel the need to give them their due props.   95 more words

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