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The Whole Enchiladasagna

Did anyone else have the longest week ever last week? We felt really wiped out by the time Friday rolled around, even though we had Monday off. 886 more words


A brief insight into eating out on a vegan diet...

I had my first meal out this week at a family friendly restaurant. Actually, it was part of a chain we used to go to all the time. 348 more words


You get More Energy from Plants than from Animals

Hello all!

So I’m just sitting here enjoying the wonders of my Biology Lab (much sarcasm involved there) when it actually mentions something interesting. We all know about the food chain and how omnivores are always yapping about how “I didn’t climb all the way up here to eat plants”, right? 249 more words


What I've learned about MEAT.

We talk about protein like it’s one single thing, it’s not.  It’s a combination of 22 different amino acids.  Animal protein is, in my understanding, the only source of complete proteins.   694 more words


On an excerpt from Omnivore

Sleepingfish have published an excerpt from Omnivore.

Published here are sections 5 – 8. Omnivore’s subtitle is “A creation myth” – that probably sums up best what I am attempting with the piece and with the personage of Figure.

Big thanks to Derek.


Baked Jalapenos

Note: for vegetarian version, just leave off bacon.

Get this stuff: jalapenos, cream cheese, olive oil, sweet red pepper, cilantro, onion, pepper, sriracha (chili sauce), bacon… 65 more words