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Fiori di Zucca (Courgette's Flowers)

A few years back, I used to live in the North West of Ireland in the beautiful county of Roscommon. Although very little known and not exactly on the main tourist tracks, it’s definitely a county full of many gems. 519 more words


Pinnate Batfish Platax Pinnatus

Batfish have deep, rounded laterally compressed bodies. In juveniles the dorsal and anal fins are extraordinarily long, but these become proportionally smaller as the fish grows. 201 more words


Veggies to Meat. My transition from vegetarian to omnivore.

My life for the past two years has been one can of beans after another, and a girl can only handle so many beans. In April of 2012 I decided to give up meat to pursue a lacto-ovo-vegetarian lifestyle.   758 more words


Keeping It Fresh: the real value of Blue Apron

It still blows my mind that Blue Apron figured out to how send out fresh ingredients for delicious, low-fuss recipes for just $9.99 per meal per person (I roll with the weekly box containing three meals for two at $59.94 per box). 154 more words


Chicken Bocconcini with Balsamic Vinegar and Dijon

Another very traditional ingredient of Italian cuisine is Balsamic Vinegar. It is mostly produced in the city of Modena, in northern Italy and in recent years has had some sort of worldwide success. 394 more words



The other day while prepping dinner I turned to my husband-to-be and said, “Michael, I just realized something: it’s been over a year now since I’ve stopped eating meat.” 1,225 more words

On being a literary omnivore

Maybe you’re a bit like me — given a cereal packet, a receipt, a magazine, a leaflet, a poster, a road sign, I’ll start reading and instantly lose myself. 441 more words