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What Vegans eat with their Omnivore friends.

Going out to get food with friends can be a real pain! I constantly have to pre-read menus or call restaurants and ask what they have to offer. 93 more words

From The Vegetarian Way by Mark and Virginia Messina

A handy, dandy chart you can use to illustrate to people how and why we are all naturally herbivores.


O is for the Omnivorous Octopus

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

Well, I’ve run out of the best ideas I came up with in March, really. 220 more words

A-Z Challenge

On not being a vegetarian and hamburgers

Somehow a former co-worker and I had gotten into a conversation that led to him asking “Do you eat meat?” Which has really become a standard question asked of me. 864 more words


10 Things Your Vegetarian Friends Are Actually Judging You For

The topic of dietary preferences is a fraught one. Some people choose to eschew meat for religious reasons, for ethical reasons, for environmental reasons, or for health reasons — and some people believe that bacon is the universe’s way of wrapping you up in a really crispy, wonderful hug. 1,038 more words

Eating More Vegetables Can Almost Halve Your Risk of Dying | TIME.com

Separating the true benefits of a vegetarian diet as compared to a more inclusive omnivore diet can be emotionally divisive. The logical common ground gives way, far too often, to the weight of the extremes that pushes for an all-or-nothing zeal that borders on fanatical. 504 more words


The day I bought a Rooster for $6 at auction, took it home, broke it’s neck & ate it.

Meet Number 143.

Officially my shortest-lived pet. We shared seven rosy hours before he succumbed to an incurable poultry affliction: headlessness. 

Number 143 symbolised everything I hoped to learn in Tasmania. 1,216 more words