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Food, Inc.: Truth About Food

Prepare to lose your appetite because the film you’re about to see will undoubtedly change the way you look at a grocery store. How our food gets from the farm to the pantry is a mystery, which some people would prefer stay that way, because the truth isn’t pretty. 550 more words


Chicken: More than Meat

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

April 2, 2014

Pollan, M. 2001.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A natural history of four meals. Chapter 12-13. Pg. 226-263.  The Penguin Group, New York, New York. 839 more words


I Am A Consumer @Profjsm #code71

What drives us to consume? The US is known as the ‘fattest’ nation. But why is that?  What has caused this to happen?  What drives us as consumers to eat junk? 212 more words

Fast Food

“The Consumer: a Republic of Fat” and I , @ENG71

In the beginning of   our  century  people face a new provocation: food. We  speak  about our  food that we every day shop in our home  town grocery market. 257 more words

We are the consumer :(

It is sickening to watch the Americans take a delicious vegetable such as corn and turn it into alcohol and high fructose corn syrup. I squander about the reasoning for doing this but the answer is simple, it is cheap. 396 more words

Food Rules

If we can’t rely on the marketers or the government or even the nutritionists to guide us through the supermarket, then who can we rely on? 738 more words

Diet & Health

Dietary Guidelines: Do They Really Need to be so Complicated?

By Nancy Smorch, Foodie Bitch

The other day, I posted an article on my Facebook about the new Dietary Guidelines that the Brazilian government just released.  720 more words