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No More Cheese Please...Russian Workers Bathe in Raw Milk Used to Produce Cheese

One may want to deduct cheese from their diets after reading this workers, this is not a hot tub, but a cheese factory in Russia… 296 more words


Crazy are the cheesemakers: Russian workers swimming in milk vat stir media scandal

Russian cheesemakers have sparked a glut of scandalous media reports and strong condemnation online as pictures showing naked men swimming in milk hit the web. Said to be just a joke, the incident has now curdled into serious consumer complaints. 98 more words


Russian String Cheese Factory Workers Romp Naked in Milk Vats

If you plan to buy string cheese the next time you go to the supermarket, you may want to check that it wasn’t made in Omsk, Russia. 264 more words



Arrived in Irkutsk at 10am feeling weary with just a few hours sleep over two days.  The temperature was about -15.  But my thermals and down jacket kept me warm.  150 more words

American Sandwich in Niznhy Novgorod…

It was getting dark in Novgorod and having spent a few hours wandering around the Kremlin I spotted a place called American Sandwich which was the only place opened. 362 more words

17 день “Фото дня – Красивые места России и Италии” / 17 giorno di Concorso delle fotografie “Foto del giorno – i luoghi belli Russia & Italia”/The 17th Day of Photo contest “Photo of the day-beautiful places of Russia & Italy”


И так наш фотоконкурс продолжается!

Поприветствуем сегодня  Софию Насырову из Омска с ее рассказом про путешествие в Венецию, Флоренцию, а также по красивейшим островам Мурано и Бурано. 250 more words

Russia Winter Tour 2014 (5/10) - Omsk

25 Jan 2014

In Omsk we (the bliss group, or budget version of the tour) were driven to a sports hall (big gymnasium) that amazingly had no showers. 530 more words