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Balancing the Scales

I was born in October and therefore am a Libran.  The symbol for Libra is the Scales of Justice.  A lot of my study, working life and volunteering has been about wanting to help people who may be disadvantaged, have suffered abuse, or may not be able to provide themselves with the tools or skills to find equality in their lives. 250 more words

Back The Truck Up

Budgeting Baby Steps wk 2 & Budgeting Baby Steps mishap #2 #3 #4

Well it is the middle of the month and we are fast approaching empty on the basics like milk and bread with zero dollars left in the grocery envelope. 1,399 more words


03 - BUDS


Imma b talkin to u so pay attention plaaayyar

dats rite, imma got sumphin to say to yoo so doncha turn away from me… 479 more words

On A Mission


Worse than death is the alive and inactive, aware of the pain and unwilling to act,

Worse than death is the man who waits, sits around in his bedroom and masturbates, 175 more words

On A Mission


Eric Darius is a man on a mission.–so much so that his latest album is titled “On a Mission.” He is an electrifying musician whose live performances have been known to “wow” crowds of his fans. 158 more words

Jazz Artist