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On Beauty: BOLD lips; when to wear them & how

Any girl who is ALL THAT should know the ins and outs of a perfect BOLD lip.

I will forever be an avid supporter of this glamorous beauty trend. 334 more words

On Beauty

On Beauty- Lupita for Lâncome

Face? Check. Beauty? Check. Everything? Check. Because beauty is not a one dimensional formula, it comes in all colours, all tones, all sizes, and is every woman. 48 more words



Days are packed, because we’re packing. The moving caravan is soon departing.

My grey-cells are somewhat disconcerted. I find it hard to concentrate with this impending change of location. 126 more words

On The Coffee Table

An Antechamber of Misery

‘But the exact opposite of what I want,’ considered Howard, rocking in his chair, ‘is what always fucking happens.’

Kiki stopped what she was doing. ‘Right. 52 more words


On Beauty

Last year, when Zora was a freshman, sophomores had seemed altogether a different kind of human: so very definite in their tastes and opinions, in ther loves and ideas. 45 more words


Zadie Smith's - 'an oscillation between hope and melancholy'

Smith’s fiction continues to turn, oscillating between hope and melancholy, totality and fragmentation, unity and plurality; her texts present an unresolved tension between, as Vermeulen and Akker regard, ‘a modern desire for… 27 more words


'On Beauty' is rather beautiful.

After weeks of discussions in seminar classrooms, i noticed Zadie Smith’s name come up ALOT. So i thought i’d give her a read, scrawling through her books on my Kindle, ‘On Beauty’ caught my eye, about love, and all that other stereotypical stuff that girls flock to. 283 more words