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DVD Film Review: Non-Stop

Liam Neeson does comedy and drama—yet Non-Stop is his sixth leading man role in the action genre since 2008.
All the same, Non-Stop is less action packed, and more thriller intense, and does not overcome the film’s bemusing lack of action. 332 more words

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DVD Film Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Contrived, predictable, but believable and well-made—The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also has an underrated corporate employee as the most sympathetic character in the sequel to… 442 more words

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DVD Film Review: The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff (1983) is a mesmerizing film. Beautiful, panoramic, lyrical, poetic, and fascinating.
The most likeable character is actually based on a real person, Chuck Yeager (played by Sam Shepard). 473 more words

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DVD Film Review: All is Lost

Not exactly a marketable idea—All is Lost is about one man alone at sea—but it is an enthralling movie all the same. 263 more words

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The Raid 2

It was in 2012 that Gareth Evans introduced the world to the Indonesian martial art of silat and, with The Raid, offered an original alternative to modern action filmmaking. 737 more words