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Teo Peric za MAK

Lose fotke iz reda iza novinara i celebritya. Bitno ili ne bitno misljenje to sada nije vazno. Ne mogu se oteti dojmu jucerasnje 3. po redu veceri slavnog Cro-a-porter-a koji volimo skratiti na CAP. 220 more words

On Fashion

Sacrificer jacket / James Jirat

Spray paint and paint markers on motorcycle jacket by Thailand born – Australian based illustrator James Jirat Patradoon.

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Gender Clothes

Gender Clothes was accidental byproduct of another project I was working on last summer. I was provoked so much by homophobic reaction to our exhibition concept, that it kept me thinking about it for days  – about gender and sex and their relationship with clothes, in context of the Serbian incapacity to distinguish between the two. 236 more words

On Fashion


Monsters, editorial for Italian magazine Flair created by art director and set designer Rachel Thomas.

via y-not?

check out some cotton monsters here

On Fashion

Styling your Sweater for Spring

Whites, ivories and cream colors are stocked on the sweater shelves this time of year, but I’ve always loved darker colors in colder months. Lighter = Spring. 457 more words