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When I finished out my night of drinking last night, and hanging out with another guy that I met recently, all I wanted was just to go home to someone who knows me. 130 more words

On Life

On Finding Your Happy

Normally I’d try to excuse myself from having missed so many weeks of writing, but my only reason is lack of time and/or interest.

When I decided to make the move to New Jersey, I imagined it to be just what I was looking for in the beginnings of a new chapter in life: a job with a great company, a central location by the north’s biggest cities, the ability to take a train, and new people. 376 more words

On Life

Turning Fear Into a Tool

This blog is new.

So far I’ve been getting readers from tags and putting up links on Facebook.  This isn’t very good for readership, but it’s safe.   1,367 more words

On Writing

Tuesday Talk: Do we really 'create' our own lives?

I often see articles and quotes about creating the life you want, and saw one such article just yesterday on one of my favorite ‘life wisdom’ blogs, … 456 more words

Just Talk

Ready, Action!

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.   —  Thomas Huxley . On This Day In: 2013 Responding To Challenges 2012 Abnormal, adj. 2011 Large Families On The Brink

Waiting for A Legend

Kalau semua yang dilakukan adalah Legendaris, lalu apa artinya?

Kalau semuanya istimewa, bukankah yang istimewa menjadi biasa saja?

Dalam salah satu episode season terakhir How I Met Your Mother, Robin Scherbatsky mempertanyakan makna “legendaris” yang kerap diucapkan calon suaminya, Barney Stinson. 256 more words

On Life

Dear Universe, Thanks for the Sunrise

Dear Universe,
Thanks for this morning’s eye-burning sunrise because when we got into the car, Only was like, “I’m so cold I feel like I’m naked in a snowbank,” even though it’s fifty degrees outside and she’s wearing a flannel, but because middle school is the Land of Extremes, she clacks her teeth, blasts the air, and splays her hands as if the vent is a tiny campfire while I’m turning out of the driveway and whammo! 540 more words