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My nine-year-old is away from home for the first time this week, away on a school trip.  I know he’s having a wonderful time and I am so glad he has this opportunity, but missing him is like gastrointestinal distress or a mouth ulcer – a constant, unpleasant presence that could flare up into pain at any moment.   57 more words

On Writing

Her cloak unwinds only partially

Her cloak unwinds only partially

Showing some belly hairs and two lined feet

Her sex and solar plexus too peak from underneath

Yet remaining covered is the vestiges… 118 more words

On Life

Teen Tuesday: Sex hurts

I can’t believe in less than 5 years later and multiple students have babies or are pregnant. I often think, “did I fail them? Was I too open? 484 more words

On Life

Tao Te Ching: Leadership Styles

The superior leadership style is one in which those supervised are hardly aware it exists.

Second best is a style in which the leader is loved by all. 78 more words

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What Post Grad Life Has Taught Me (so far)

The final countdown to moving out has officially begun!  I can tell it’s getting close because as I sit in this bedroom, in my mom’s house, in my hometown, I keep remembering that these are the last days I’ll see any of it for a while. 699 more words

On Life

My Great Expectations Beautifully Flopped

“May 15 next year will be my last day.” I proclaimed to my boss while sitting on my high horse of “better than this place” I’d prefer to call “rehell” – the combination of retail and hell. 371 more words

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