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Sometimes you need to run away

No matter how productive, efficient, or smart you are, you need a break. I prefer to take mine after a big achievement, sort of to reward myself for a job well done. 70 more words

On Life

Smashing Pumpkins: A Story

I posted this short story last year for a brief period of time. This story’s always been near and dear to my heart and is probably one of my favorite things I’ve written. 2,224 more words

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I hate you but I need you.....

Let’s face it, reality sucks and over the past few years I have realised how desperately destructive being a part of contributing society can be.  Unfortunately, as much as I dislike interacting with other humans, I feel a need to be social or face pending madness.   285 more words

On Life

Clean Slate

Something about autumn always puts me in the mood to recollect. Maybe it’s the new coloring in the leaves, or the crisp air, or the abundance of sweaters and pumpkin-flavored anything that reminds me of the potential that comes with change. 229 more words


Waiting for a Collision

So I keep saying that I’m dating Reality and that the other one is only a fantasy; we don’t exist together in real life. But Dream guy is notoriously better than Reality, and it’s tempting to linger in dreamworld for as long as possible. 206 more words

On Life

Keeping the Dream Alive

The worst part about being in your 20s is the onset of reality.  You get out of school only to be promptly buried in debt, bills, and rent.   1,242 more words

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Eric Thomas

This guy was on a running playlist that I love and I finally figured out his name.

Eric Thomas.

I’ve listened to two of his Youtube speeches and I’m so, so in love. 96 more words