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Three Decades

Part of me wants to rent a cabin alone in the woods and just let it pass, a bigger part wishes my best friends could all be there with me, and a little part of me says to take what company I can get. 92 more words

Boaatt's Life

Don't Hold It Against Me

I don’t like talking about the fact that I’m a convert. It’s an old, tired topic. Alas, it comes up all the time. So, I just deal, just as I deal with comments about how much I love cats. 969 more words


Sunday State of Mind

Whelp, I did it. I survived my first week in the Big Apple. Not only was I able to fit my clothes and shoes into the tiny closet in my grandma’s shoebox Queens apartment, but I made it to work and back every day without getting lost or mugged. 327 more words

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Sign language

While Mom was in ICU, and on a ventilator, she was still communicating with us.  She could nod her head, and even tried writing letters in the air.  340 more words

On My Mind

Encouragement for the hurting Stander

Are you literally sick of life?

Do you practically hate everything?

Are you sick of crying your eyes out?

Burned out on prayer and seeking God? 2,119 more words


I wrote this a while back during one of my facebook rants, laughing but gotta be honest it’s so true…..

So many people have told me over the years that I have many personalities, here’s what I think. 196 more words

On My Mind

Is It Plastic or Is It Real…

Looking was not enough…

Had to touch it…

Then I realized…

It wasn’t real…

It’s either plastic or silk…