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The perfect white sandals from Hermès.


On My Mind: Tolerance vs. Mercy

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the difference between kindness and compassion. In many ways, this post is a continuation of those thoughts, so be sure to read it to get the full picture! 702 more words



Am I really just like 80 million young people in this country? Are we so easy to characterize? Am I so easy to characterize?

What about that beating heart that desires to be singular and unique, known intimately in intricacy, the divine finger print making us each our own?

Macro realities and micro realities.

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Here we go again.

Today a chapter in my life closed (one that I didn’t foresee closing soon). This year in March I landed what I thought was my dream job. 299 more words

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“Accepting our kinship with every other living thing on Earth is not only scientific fact but the greatest and most profound umbilical connection intelligent man can realise about himself and his kind.”
—- The Social Perspective

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No homage

There are worse places to be a surfer than where I live, but not many. Trust me; it’s really fucking bad. I know this because 1) I’ve surfed here as much as anyone during the last 30 years 2) I’ve traveled to lots of places that are good for surfing so I know what good is, and 3) My son has been pissed off at me for ten years for not persuing a job offer in California. 1,107 more words

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On Robin Williams, Matt Walsh and why it's so hard to talk about depression and suicide

I have been following The Matt Walsh Blog for a while now. I read it because I enjoy his writing style and the way he presents his views, even though most of the time I actually disagree with those same views. 1,679 more words

Robin Williams