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The sunshine this weekend was the sliver of light we all needed. The outdoor patios on Monday night were filled with an after work crowd that hasn’t comfortably sat outside in months. 67 more words

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a boy and his baby doll & a renovation update

So, Miles, our big, loud, daring, adventurous 2 year old boy has fallen in love with a baby doll.

He calls her “baby” or “Etta” and lovingly cares for her during the day.   328 more words

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whups! my diaper pail link is now working

So…yesterday a few hundred of you tried to click the link for the Diaper Pail I recommended with no success.  Sorry about that!

Reason #247 why I should never blog when I’m that tired!   10 more words

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Einstein’s Theory of Relatively equation is deceptively simple but it captures an explanation of the known and unknown universe that is profoundly beautiful. It says, ENERGY = MASS x THE SPEED OF LIGHT SQUARED. 341 more words

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We cannot discuss poverty until we discuss the economics that perpetuates it...

The world has long moved to a Capitalist economic system and we have fought two world wars and numerous smaller wars, for centuries, to protect the right to accumulate wealth irregardless of its source. 148 more words

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the coolest diaper pail ever and cheeeeeeeap chlorine free diapers

I know, how boring.  A diaper pail & diapers. BUT…hear me out.  I am a super practical person.  My Myers Briggs says that I opt for the “Old fashioned, simple, standard option without a lot of gadgets or extras…” which pins me perfectly.   609 more words

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