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In this Together

The juggle between work and home life has been has been a hot topic for women- because many women in today’s society either don’t have the choice to be stay at home mom’s, or given the opportunity, they’d rather have full time careers like their male counterpart. 848 more words


Mom in Full Bloom

I held on to her small hand as we made our way along the path. About 20 feet ahead of us, a giant spider was walking with Scheherazade. 694 more words

On My Mind

I need a goal...

…something to give me anything to look forward to…because I just realized other than the hospital and the farm, I haven’t left this house this week. 113 more words

...on My Mind.

Relatively Depressed Today

Woke up wanting to cry today; no real reason, simply the urge. But the tears would not come. Even took a shower; sometimes that helps with the whole, “rape cry in the shower” thing but nada. 277 more words

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Really though, White Ashkenazi Jews ARE White

When I was a freshman in college, my Introduction to Sociology professor, Dr. Chi asked us all a question:

“What are you in this class to learn?” 1,594 more words


Seasons Greetings

I wish every one of you who have shared this blogging year with me a very peaceful and joyful  Christmas time. I get so much from this, I learn by visiting your posts and by your comments. Thank you so much!


Just three generations . . .

Earlier today, I visited the public library in Bromsgrove searching for a book in the history section to read over Christmas. And I spotted a new acquisition by Stephen Bates with the title… 698 more words

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