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Photoessay: The Arrow River delta


This little gem of a location is perhaps one of the most photographically rich places I’ve ever been to. Firstly, an hour on an overcast grey day that yielded a couple of interesting images and very cold fingers, then the better part of an entire afternoon and evening in the gorge as the light fell and the mountains turned gold and the shadows a deep blue. 326 more words


Venetian cinematics and time-lapse


I’ve been making cinematic stills for a while now, and have had this niggling feeling that they felt too static – after all, cinema implies motion. 796 more words


Photoessay: A corrected perspective, part II

Skyscraper evolution and streamer

Today’s photoessay is a continuation of the previous monochrome series of hand-held tilt shift work from Chicago; it is in color and I personally believe has a more immediate, present feel than the monochromes – hence the separate presentation. 146 more words


Photoessay: A corrected perspective, part I

Hancock building parking beehive I

While my students were out completing assignments during the Chicago Outstanding Images workshop earlier this year, I was working on a personal project of my own. 775 more words


Photographers’ world is all upside down these days!

Australian cowboy Peter Lik scored $6.5m for a shot of an Arizona canyon.


Obviously, it’s a good and intriguing shot. 318 more words

On Photography

The format matters, but not in the way you might think


Having shot extensively with oue 645Z over the last few months, I’ve developed a new hypothesis: the format – i.e. the physical size of the recording medium – matters to the output, but not in the way that we’d expect. 1,587 more words


Photoessay: The Verticality Project, part II

XXVI, Hong Kong

Today’s photoesssay is a continuation of the Verticality Project photoessay. I see this as an ongoing study of architecture. The aim is to replicate the feeling you get when you stand at the base of one of these things and look up: a sense of overbearing monolithic massiveness. 223 more words