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How Decentralization Could Level the Transportation Playing Field

Can Republicans and Democrats get along?  Can they agree to do anything other than disagree?  In the light of the likely passage of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, yet another potential agreement has been proposed in  505 more words

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Well, I'm Depressed: Five Points Explaining the Midterm Results

In case you missed it, last night the GOP trounced Democrats in gubernatorial and senate elections across the country, even in traditionally Blue States.  So let’s break down why this happened: 642 more words

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Every fall the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosts small and mid-market business leaders at its headquarters in Washington, D.C. This year the conference had a markedly different vibe – it was hopeful. 705 more words

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Saturday morning quotes 4.25: Musical musings

Today we offer a few quotations from diverse sources that serve to connect a certain thread of logic.  The astute reader will tie the knot that binds the logic. 445 more words

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The Fallacy of Libertarian Economics

With election day on Tuesday (GO VOTE!), it seems that the Republican Party has a single overarching theme this election cycle: taxes are bad. 1,792 more words

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Debunking the Millennial Myths

(For past posts on this subject, see: ThisThis, and This)

Throughout my life, I have heard many versions of a singular idea: if you use something, try if you can to leave it in the same or better condition than you found it.   1,340 more words

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A Plea to Illinois Voters

Dear Illinois,

Early voting starts today. Don’t sit this election out – it’s an important one.

The stakes are high. Illinois is the 41st worst state for business friendliness, it has the 31st worst business tax climate, and 27 states offer kids a better education than Illinois does. 684 more words

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