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The Case for an Open Cuba

*To the tune of American Pie*

A long, long time ago, I can’t even remember when, Cuba was not our enemy.

But then joined the Soviets, and we wouldn’t go for that…

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Warren Isn't on Cruz Control (Thankfully)

Conservative media outlets are furious.  Their claim: a liberally-biased double-standard.  Their evidence: the media lauding the actions of Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) opposing her party leadership to stand up for her principles.   549 more words

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Fighting for Freedom (for Banks)

If you have yet to see what your federal government is proposing in the omnibus spending bill to keep the government open, I suggest you… 348 more words

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The Impoverished Minimum Wage

When discussions regarding raising the minimum wage are attempted by lawmakers or pundits, the response seems to always outline one of the following talking points: 673 more words

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Never Read the Comments

The Washington Post published the results of a survey of White Americans last week, noting that progress on racial beliefs has improved drastically in some areas.   675 more words

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Rioting: Michael Brown Was the Last Straw, Not the Cause

There is no doubt that racism is still a problem in the United States. Whether it festers in minds or shows itself in unjust actions, it is still there. 427 more words


The Burgeoning New Civil Rights Era

It’s ready for Hollywood.

The scene is set. Decades of growing inequality. Racially-prejudiced laws being passed in states throughout the country in the name of freedom.  798 more words

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