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Willie Nelson Has Card Tricks! (Impressive Video)

This takes a few minutes, six to be exact.¬† But the story that Willie tells will keep you entertained and keep in mind it’s a trick, and there is a payoff!! 19 more words



I had a little burst of posts 4 weeks ago, but¬†dropped back into posting nothing as I’ve been too preoccupied with non-art matters unfortunately. Hopefully I will be starting to get back on track in a couple of months from now. 40 more words


I'm picking up what you're putting down

Today on the bus, I watched as a woman picked her nose and ate it. This actually happened…. for most of the ride. Now, when I say “picked”, I mean that she was straight up digging for gold. 202 more words

On The Bus

Riding around on the MTS

Just for posterity, here are some of my recently past observations made while riding the bus to and from work. (These are what spawned the real decision to create this blog.) If you are my friend on Facebook, these may be old news for you…. 495 more words

On The Bus