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Humanity Redefined?!

Of all the planets in space,
life chose to thrive on Earth!
Soon, souls chose bodies and took birth..
then, they reproduced to continue their race! 219 more words

On The Inside!

Slip into something...

On the Inside is a local lingerie designer specializing in exquisite lace and sustainable fabrics.  Many who have visited our shop have fallen in love with her luxurious designs. 333 more words

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On a spiral!

The time when I start writing this reads: 10:47 P.M (I.S.T), the 31st of December, 2014.
This day as such holds no special importance to me, at least not as much as the year has taught me! 251 more words

On The Inside!

Being Humble

Being humble is difficult. It is easy to show, but to really feel humble in our hearts … that requires a big one.

For example, when strangers or acquaintances compliment me, I always say “Thank you!” and show my humbleness and gratitude smile. 191 more words

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The Hand that made!

Once upon a time,
All that was under the sky..
began to feel very high!!

The deserts boasted of their dunes,
The winds boasted of their tunes, 345 more words

On The Inside!

A fairy tale need not be a fairy tale after all!

A fairy tale need not be a fairy tale after all!

Now, if you were not perplexed with that, you got me there, right away! 371 more words

On The Inside!

Darkness cast its shadow!

We walked along, miles together..
just like birds of same feather,
my shadow and I!
He was very faithful,
even if he found me hateful! 165 more words

On The Inside!