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What You Know.

Discussion at the end of the New York Times Book Review this week dealt with a truism we’ve all heard: Write What You Know. Like any good rule, it’s made to be broken — but those who rail against it tend to be missing the point.

On The Media

Oh, Sherlock?

Our time together has almost ended (waaah) ((hey, wait a minute, quit looking so happy)). Some things to consider:

The Globe and Mail catches up… 215 more words


Not related to Oculus.

Future of Storytelling (Weekly Roundup)

I’m just delving into the information available via Future of Storytelling, I expect I may have more to mull in the future.

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The Pompous Literary Windbag

The Penn Stater Daily --- March 19, 2014

Arnelle withdraws from BOT race: The Board of Trustees office posted the official bios and position statements submitted by the 31 candidates for the three alumni seats on the board on Tuesday afternoon. 374 more words

Board Of Trustees

Such reading. Very app. Not write.

– from NPR




Think quick

TS;DR: If writing is telepathy, and speed reading moves you through a thought as fast as possible, then one spends an unfairly small amount of time reflecting upon that thought.

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The Pompous Literary Windbag

S'mores not included.

If previous months (years (decades, even)) have been any indication, I work best when there’s a deadline. So while it’s not formally National Novel-Writing Month… 50 more words


The Facebook Lie We All Believe

What is your favorite parental duty? 

Maybe it’s teaching your child something important, like riding a bike.  Or fishing.  Or perhaps you relish the chance to impart wisdom about the world?  1,169 more words

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Wow. So true! This is exactly like a pod cast I listened to for my Media and Society class from On the Media. Let's be careful not to take Facebook at face value. There is so much that lies beneath the personas that we present to others online. Even my blog is an online persona! Although I try to present myself raw and real, the internet is a stage, we are the actors portraying a character, and we need to be aware of the potential harm we can do to ourselves and others.