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On the Menu: Edition 11

By Joe Difazio

Kick the bucket, give up the ghost, bite the big one. We all do it one day or another. We begin as dust and we turn back to dust once again at some point. 245 more words

Edition 11

Summer Squash: Blessing and Curse

Even as an avid gardener who has (more than a few times) cut into the front lawn to add more edibles, I plant summer squash with a heavy heart.   637 more words

Garden Gate

What VooDoo Would YOU Do??

I have had a very long time to think about turning 50.  On June 18, 2014, I did so even against my better judgement…DEFINITELY against my will.   1,598 more words

Garden Gate

We'll See How "Back" I Am..

It’s too long to go into. I’m busy (as are we all, I know), and my job isn’t this anymore, so it’s kind of gone by the wayside. 122 more words