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Debris. (Video)

Debris (Video)

Poem about a woman who through drug and alcohol addiction finishes up sleeping rough on the streets. Societies reaction.

©Carol Robson 2014

Poetry & Verse

SOE outreach: Stories from the streets

Short stories from working with the people on the streets.
In different places in the Liverpool people are selling magazines or begging. Most of them are either people with addictions (alcohol, drugs or gambling), people with mental issues, or foreigners who came to England to beg or find a job. 302 more words


Ford Cortina

Sold largely overseas in the UK and Australia, the Ford Cortina was a cool, affordable, semi-spacious, family workhorse that hauled people on the cheap. Seen here in New York this isn’t your typical import that most people think of nowadays…it’s not JDM, i guess it’s EDM or Euro…or whatever; American brand built and sold for the international market and it finally made it’s way back home to the country that gave it it’s marque…the USA.


On The Streets: De Tomaso Pantera

Cruising on my way to a car event for imports i spotted this very cool classic, a De Tomaso Pantera. The body Italian, the heart 351 cubic inches of Ford Motor Company heavy metal, i could hear this one just slowly ripping through the gears as the owner seemed to want to take advantage of “nice weather”. 23 more words


No Words. Holy Cow. (Or Should I Say Bear?)

Oh my God. That’s all I have to say about this.

If I saw this giant bear on the streets of NYC, I would pee my pants. 204 more words



Someone in the government has decided that they are not only going to  heavily tax Kenyans but they are also going to arrest you if they find you spending what’s left in a way that is going to endanger your life and or the lives of others. 744 more words