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Game about squares.

From the Department of “I have too much time and I want to waste some”, here is a fabulous game that you can check out. The beauty of it is that you figure out the rules as you go (the silly comments when you clear each level are just a bonus), and some mathematician (Jens Massberg) just wrote a paper on the game showing it is NP-hard. 34 more words

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Thursday Tutorial: Library Extension for Chrome

The Library Extension plugin searches Worldcat whenever you’re on Amazon to see whether a library near you has the book you’re looking at.

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Some cheap textbook alternatives.

The high price of textbooks is very much on the minds of most students. While these books have not quite been adopted in the standard curricula at most schools, these are still good options for self study, or to suggest to your instructors! 39 more words

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Evangelicalism's Poor Form

I’ve just guest posted over on Christ & Pop Culture:

Whether designed to clarify evangelicalism as an object of study or analysis, or to police its supposed boundaries, definitions of evangelicalism have generally tended to occlude the cultural, institutional, and sociological dimensions of the movement.

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Googling your heart out: What search trends tell us about health & inequality

This article caught my eye the other day – an examination of Google search terms that occur most frequently in particular US states, comparing those in ‘easy living’ to ‘hard living’ states. 392 more words


Fallen Pitch


My other project Desolate One is now called Fallen Pitch and has a new web site. Please check it out!  fallenpitch.com

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Five Principles of the New Sexual and Relational Morality

Today, I guest posted over on The Gospel Coalition website. My post begins:

The sociologist Mark Regnerus recently published a piece for the Witherington Institute’s Public Discourse, suggesting that support for same-sex marriage in some Christian circles correlates to broader shifts in morality surrounding sexuality and relations.

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