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GCC Courtship and Marriage with Professor Jo

Dear Prof. Jo:

A guy from (HOUSING GROUP NAME REMOVED)¬†asked to get a meal together… to talk about a company that I interned for last year… I guess what strikes me as odd/frustrating is that guys have no problem wanting to talk about career stuff and learn from my experience, but no one ever just is like “you are cool let’s hang out.” Did you ever get frustrated with guys here?? 740 more words

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Guest post: A really good rant from Dan Kunkel

Foolish versions of serious opinions exist. Yes, the foolish versions were derived from the serious opinion. But every serious opinion has its foolish versions. There is a fine line between a “reductio ad absurdum” argument (where a ridiculous conclusion implies a ridiculous opinion) and a “straw man” argument (where an argument is mischaracterized as advocating something it does not, or a weaker version of the actual argument is refuted). 401 more words

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