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Blood on Our Hands!

The Israeli bombing of Gaza

 The US Cannot Escape blame for Israeli War Crimes

Thomas Jefferson, the brightest of the Founding Fathers, thoughtfuly considered the widespread institution of African slavery in America and commented in his book… 1,930 more words

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On Dirty Dick and His Doophus Daughter

 Dirty Dick and Lying Lizzie
 Two Shameless, Soulless, Dangerous Charlatans!

The scathing editorial criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy on the editorial page of the June 18, edition of the… 3,601 more words

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A Fool’s Errand!

 USS George H. W. Bush Carrier Strike Force
 Is Barack about to Repeat Bush’s Folly?

Amid cries from media talking heads and some members of Congress to “do something” in order to save Iraq from falling under the control of Islamic Jihadists, President Obama has ordered the USS George H. 776 more words

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A Tragic Reality Check in Iraq

 Rebel Army, ISIL, advancing on Mosul
American Meddling in Middle East Ends in Disaster….Again

While US pundits and policy wonks despair over the success of Islamic Jihadists in Iraq with the dramatic capture of Mosul, the nation’s second largest city, it comes as no surprise to this observer.  1,368 more words

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