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Forget 'Online Content'; Write What You Mean

Y’know, I hate the word “content.”

Rather, I hate its modern usage—”online content”—as it pertains to social media and blog posts. My writing is not some bothersome technical requirement that greases the gears of some marketing machine. 227 more words

On Writing

Scripting: It's More Than Dialogue

Several years ago, a friend and I were trying to put together a script for a webcomic. We had the assistance of an artist who had experience in that he’d written his own comics, in addition to drawing them. 623 more words


You Don't Have to Own a Cat

I fled up the garden and into the pottery studio, sat on the lid of a portable toilet and consumed damsons. By the time I had finished praying, pondering and spitting the pips out, Act Three had been hashed out. 270 more words


The Character That Heals All Wounds

In recent days, I’ve been fiddling with some new characters, one of whom is a young man who utilizes healing magic. This got me thinking about your magical variety of doctors in the media, wielding light magic to stave of disease, close wounds, and even cheat death. 1,096 more words

On Writing

How Does Writing Affect Your Brain?


Most of us write a little something everyday. It might be a grocery list, a poem, or a write-up on the infographic of the day. 74 more words


a thought

parts of you become numb along the way and they fall asleep in their idea that this kind of living is okay, and you neglect parts of yourself that need you, because you don’t know how to help it—it’s not that you don’t really know any better (though that’s largely the case) but that that particular sight or emotion got tired and gave up,

Mental Illnesses

"My Why" 2010 & 2014

Comparing answers from 2010 and 2014 “My Why”


So I came across this folded up, wrinkled, worn piece of notebook paper in an old purse of mine that I used before and during my stays in the mental hospital. 1,465 more words