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The 7 Agents of Resistance: What's Ruining Your Writing?

Resistance, that nefarious beast, has undercover agents working to thwart my writing aspirations. I’ve identified 7 of them. Let’s see how many are working to undermine your writing as well… 736 more words

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Dealing with The Red String

Nothing intrigues a reader quite like romance. In fact, romance is a key thing for so many people, that the internet has a term for them: Shippers. 894 more words

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Write the Bones

Do you wanna know how to kill Resistance? Do you wanna know how to conquer writer’s block and finish that story you’ve always dreamed about? 635 more words

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Epiphanies of an English Major

I have always been rather bookish.  I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when I officially declared a major in English, with a concentration in creative writing, as my intended major quite early in my freshman year.   346 more words


Don't Just Bleed. Hemorrhage.

Someone once asked me what writing was all about. I was tempted to answer in superlatives of prose – a fulfilling reverie, a cathartic epiphany, a literary orgasm that leaves you happily spent. 448 more words

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The 4 Personas of a Compelling Character

Bruce Wayne isn’t always the Dark Knight. The Man of Steel sometimes masquerades as a bumbling reporter. And the main characters in our own stories won’t be the same from one scene to the next. 647 more words

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NaNoWriMo is Coming!

So it turns out that I have been rather bad at updating a blog blog.  After a crazy August and September I’m back in October because of something very exciting (and arguably frightening) that is coming up in about three weeks: National Novel Writing Month 2014. 486 more words