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My First NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins in less than a week! This is the first year I’m participating in this challenge, and I’m super nervous… 475 more words


Which Genre?

Fantasy has always been one of my favourite genres. From my early days, when I read Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest and Natalie Jane Prior’s Lily Quench… 763 more words

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Experience: Rock Concert

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a poem. In fact, I have pretty much avoided it – forever. However, a while back I went to a concert with a friend to see two bands who I had heard of but never listened to. 495 more words

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Marketing for the Self-Published Author

The point of this piece is not that self-publishing is a vain and fruitless endeavor. Well, okay, maybe a little (?) vain, but not necessarily fruitless. 923 more words

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Build My Kingdom

During my dinner of customized fancy instant noodle, I suddenly remembered I have a Kingdom to build.

It’s a moment when everything still feels the same, like in a movie where a character had his soul traveling elsewhere and suddenly went back inside his body. 605 more words

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Hail and (Never) Farewell

Have you ever wondered, “What if?”  What if you could fly–not with the aid of an eighty-ton aerodynamic metal ship, but simply with the rising and falling of your arms?  1,052 more words


An Introduction

Wise the Simple is a new blog found here at wisethesimpleblog.wordpress.com.  Written by a self-proclaimed “daydreaming little nerd of a wallflower,” Wise the Simple… 1,298 more words

First Post!