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Trying Again

I’ve probably started about half a million blogs by now. I never seem to stick to them. Well, let’s see if I can stick to this one.  127 more words

Do you want updates?

I finally figured out how to do the news letter. Mailchimp was a bit of a pain to figure out, but once it clicked… well, now I can send out updates every other week and let readers know what’s coming up. 71 more words


On Writing: Musical Inspiration (Part I)

Two of the main characters in my story Better to Pretend, Jenna and Cory, bond initially over their interest in music. I knew early on that Jenna would be into music – in the opening scenes she clings to her iPod in an effort to tune out her mom and aunt. 1,117 more words


Structure vs. Chaos

Lately, I’ve been feeling like one of those inflatable tube men that are put up in front of businesses that are having sales – flailing my arms, full of hot air, and not accomplishing much. 475 more words


Writing Without Senses

I’ve been thinking about the senses. More specifically, I’ve been thinking on the sense of sight. I recently dug up some old characters. Characters that I never really got the chance to do anything with. 480 more words


As seen on the Good Blog Guide

The lovely people at New Writing South have, in their infinite wisdom, included Chez Goldberg on their Good Blog Guide. WooHoo! They’ve given me a little internet badge and everything. 56 more words


8 Signs You Suffer from Fantastic New Story Disorder

You know who you are…admitting the problem is the first step to recovery. But, you go first, that just gave me a really good idea and I want to write it down.

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