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Great opening paragraph... 57

“A few minutes before his brainstorm, or whatever it was, took place, George McCaffrey was having a quarrel with his wife. It was eleven o’clock on a rainy March evening. 104 more words

Sandra Danby

Plot 10, Writing 3

With apologies to A Chorus Line, “Plot 10, Writing 3”…

Thanks to an initial subscription given to me by my daughter and son-in-law, I have for several years been receiving a monthly publication featuring science fiction short stories and novellas. 620 more words

On Writing

The Leibster Award

The Liebster Award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It pays tribute to new blogs, or blogs with a follower count of less than 1,000–including Twitter. 860 more words

Short Story

Friday Flashfic: Exile

Once upon a time the City had been a somewhere. Awestruck travelers had stood at the top of the rise and gaped as it rose before them, carved out of a delicate spire of rock. 65 more words

On Writing

Princess Update, "Princess" Edition

Last night I finished something, and I decided something.

Chapters and Parts

In a published book, you’ve got lots of divisions you can make. “Chapters” are fairly obvious and widely used; sometimes a book is divided into “Parts” or “Books”, either numbered (Book One, or Part Two) or named (Random fantasy book off the shelf – The Dragonbone Chair – part one is titled “Simon Mooncalf”) (Or Mistborn is another example). 867 more words

On Writing

A Writer's Lament

I go through periods when I get obsessed with something to the exclusion of everything else. The first one I remember is Star Trek. I bought everything on it I could find. 1,505 more words