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Tense trouble

To my Readers:

This is my current dilemma as a writer, author. I start a story, and everything is going great, but I cannot seem to keep to one tense. 165 more words

On Writing

Interview: Vincent Morrone, YA and NA author

With me today is Vincent Morrone author of young and new adult fiction (including an urban fantasy, which everyone who knows me will be aware is my favourite and my best). 1,177 more words

Industry Interviews

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In case you missed it, last Tuesday I interviewed Vincent Morrone over at Aussie Owned and Read.

dumbass questions

Sometimes, your readers will ask you a stupid fucking question.

With any luck, you’ll be writing at least good enough that they won’t ask these questions very frequently. 392 more words

Something New

On Writing: Shakespearian Insults

(The drawing is from http://2.bp.blogspot.com).

I recently started trying to organize (O.K. I actually mean “clean”) the room that I call my library (i.e. the spare bedroom where I have books on shelves and boxes of books stacked almost to the ceiling) and came across this list that my Shakespeare Professor shared with all of his classes. 352 more words

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Good News and Writing Away

This is just a quick update that I did indeed land a job at the company that I was after.  Not exactly the same position, but just getting in the door is a success.  118 more words

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Genrely Speaking: Aesthetics and Characteristics

So I promised to talk about Aesthetic and Characteristic genres today. For starters, so far as I know, this is not any official literary distinction; it’s just something I’ve noticed as I spent the last year or so working on this segment and started organizing the genres I’ve covered into something like a comprehensive list. 469 more words

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Blogging and Writing Revised

Driving around my neighbourhood, I see recycling boxes piled high with hidden treasures.

In what has become a yearly ritual, another parent furtively runs out to their curb with papers in hand, and while maintaining a watchful eye on their house window,  hides those papers beneath aluminum cans and milk cartons. 281 more words