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Bermuda Triangle : Most Mysterious place on Earth

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, It is located between three countries (United States, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico). This triangle is known as one of the mystified area  because many aircrafts and ships were mysteriously went missing in this triangle. 505 more words

Big Narstie & Butterz - What Really Happened On The BDL Tour

Big Narstie and Elijah from Butterz discuss what really happened on the BDL Tour including everyone getting chucked out of the hotel in Leeds at 8 am for being bad guests, The guy that turned into a vampire in London & a lot more.

Moving On With Your Life

Don’t dwell too much on mistakes. What happened happened and you can’t really do anything about it. So just focus on how you can make it better rather than regretting what you did. 6 more words


Conheça a horta urbana

Uma cidade inglesa com 17 mil habitantes, usa a área livre e pública do município para plantar frutas, ervas e vegetais. As hortas urbanas como são chamadas abastecem gratuitamente qualquer morador, que também é incentivado a cultivar. 12 more words


6 Secrets Behind a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Always wonder how devices like Occulus Rift and Pebble bagged away millions and want the same to happen with your campaign too. You have landed at the right page. 575 more words


What is Kickstarter.com ?

So you often keep hearing from people and frequently read on the Internet about kickstarter campaigns but always wonder what it is? Ladies and gentlemen you have landed at the right page . 545 more words