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Once Upon A Time S4E4: "The Apprentice"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Hey Brad Dourif!  Woo!  Oh…that was it.
  • Wow Hook.  This seems like a spectacularly bad idea.
  • Will no one lend Elsa a pair of jeans?
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The Last Month of Viewing 2.0

The time I wait for every year has arrived. The majority of the shows I watched have returned and a whole heap of new ones have begun. 1,250 more words

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Once Upon A Time Review: Seed of Doubt

I had high expectations from “The Apprentice” and I must say I was surprised to see how eventful this episode was. The 4th hour of OUAT’s fourth season featured a lot of soul searching and putting the Snow Queen story on pause and moved the story in an interesting direction. 547 more words


Charlie's Discoveries: I Ask you out on an Email

Last week, I asked someone out. On a date. Via email. Yes I did (I’m badass like that). 649 more words

Charlie's Discoveries

23 Times Snow and Charming Proved to be Great Parents

Even though they missed the first 28 years of her life, Snow and Charming have helped make up for missing out on Emma’s life since they have met her and after Sunday’s episode, “The Apprentice,” we saw just how much they were like…parents. 336 more words

Once Upon A Time

Can we get some character growth?

I am currently caught up on Once Upon a Time. I want Belle to find out that Rumple has been lying to her because at this point it looks like they should just get a divorce. 303 more words

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