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It's getting cold outside

Sept. 14, 2014: While driving to the Royal Oak English Gardens, the digital temperature readout on the nearby building showed 52 degrees this morning. This is typically that time of the year where nurseries and garden centers have their plants heavily discounted as the weather outside gets colder. 130 more words

Yucca Gloriosa in bloom--And an Oncidium--

This wonderful yucca is in bloom on the corner across the street from us and I had to get a picture–These plants are also commonly called Spanish Dagger–Makes sense, the leaves are sharp!!!–I guess our neighbors are used to me running around all the time with a camera or my phone getting pics of flowers and anything that catches my eye– 75 more words

Greater Lansing Orchid Society picnic: the flat-rate sale

Aug. 2, 2014 : The buds that came with the Brassavola nodosa plant we got off the flat-rate sale is now fully open and they are spectacular! 657 more words