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Yucca Gloriosa in bloom--And an Oncidium--

This wonderful yucca is in bloom on the corner across the street from us and I had to get a picture–These plants are also commonly called Spanish Dagger–Makes sense, the leaves are sharp!!!–I guess our neighbors are used to me running around all the time with a camera or my phone getting pics of flowers and anything that catches my eye– 75 more words

Greater Lansing Orchid Society picnic: the flat-rate sale

Aug. 2, 2014 : The buds that came with the Brassavola nodosa plant we got off the flat-rate sale is now fully open and they are spectacular! 657 more words

Checking in at Porter's Orchids

Jul. 12, 2014: It’s been a while since we went on a field trip out to Grand Ledge to visit Porter’s Orchids and today felt like a good day as any to jet over there. 393 more words