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Suicidal Brain Cells and YOU.

When I was a kid, I always knew in my heart that when I grew up, I’d have a huge family. As a teenager, I remember daydreaming with friends about our futures, and I’d say that I wanted at least 4 kids. 842 more words


One and Done

As the title of this blog, and the first post, implies, I only have one child, and will only have one child.  For me and my husband this is a conscious choice that was made prior to ever becoming pregnant.   724 more words

The Here & Now

One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things had this line in a recent post: “It is so easy to get lost both in then–reminiscing the days past, and someday--planning and preparing for all the events of the future. 670 more words

Shining the Spotlight on GRIMM's Brian Letscher (2014)

Something new and spooky is coming to GRIMM in Season 4 — a creature that will suck memories right out of your head.  Just how will Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) fight off such a creature now that his Grimm-abilities are gone?  1,127 more words

Tiffany Vogt (author)

How Can Students' Practice Be Improved?

Regardless of how successful a private music lesson is, a large measure of the student’s eventual success depends on regular and effective practice at home. Often, attention is given to how to get students to practice more, but not enough attention is given to what students should be doing when they are practicing. 826 more words

Music Education

Trying to Let Go

One year ago today I faced the most terrifying experience of my life.  I was 29 weeks pregnant, and I was in labor.  I can easily remember the exact date because tomorrow is my fourth wedding anniversary, and I very clearly remember spending my third anniversary in the hospital crossing my fingers and toes that the medication to stop everything was working, and begging my body and my baby to hit the pause button.  779 more words