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Business Opportunity in China

China’s draconion one-child policy has caused many problems. There is a surfeit of approximately 30 million men, who are favored due to cultural and Confucian precepts. 140 more words

China Eldery

Fab Five #3- Sterilizing Seniors, China's Newest Pastime

While once a thing of the villages, forced sterilization is now going mainstream in China. Overzealous ”one child-policy’ enforcers and doctors have no qualms with sterilizing the masses. 230 more words

Fab Five- Most Important News

'The Dark Road': Ma Jian's journey into the terrible heart of the Chinese economic miracle

Ma Jian has long been a thorn in the side of the Chinese authorities. His novels – including Beijing Coma, about the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and… 2,489 more words

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Today was a busy, but very fun day. Right now I am slightly overcome with homesickness, but I think that I will be in a better mood by tomorrow morning. 1,625 more words

Adventures In China

Manion - Book Review: A Mother's Ordeal

Many people look forward to summer in hopes of reading some easy, relaxing literature. Gone are the lofty tomes of college and the stilted volumes of research, here are the fun, can’t-put-it-down-so-I’ll-just-eat-over-it books for which we never afforded the time. 622 more words

Book Reviews - Fiction

Can the law in China be more humane? – One (Kidnapped) Child Policy

Li’s father telling people his story

Watching the news around two weeks ago, there was a special short report on 李成龍 (Li Cheng Long) who was kidnapped, sold, orphaned, then found by his father many years later. 374 more words


China: Refusing to Forget - part 2

“In the twenty first century, America will have no relationship more important than its relationship with China. Our leaders must have their eyes wide open and know whom they’re dealing with as they build this relationship. 4,800 more words

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