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Who cares about the value of work? by EJ Dionne: “One of last week’s most important and least noted political events was the introduction of the 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act by Sen. 460 more words

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Generation lost.

Thanks to the One-Child Policy enforced in the country, there are not enough women out there to line-up to the many frustrated men who are only hoping to be monogamous. 312 more words

My proposal post.

My topic is China’s One Child Policy. Though most of you may already know, China has a law that is strongly enforced, making it so families can only have one child. 197 more words

All Girls Allowed

Read this beautiful piece of writing submitted to us by Ellen Schmitt. Ellen was adopted from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China when she was 9 months old, and she recently wrote this piece about her experience of adoption: 652 more words


What Have We Done?! The Effects of China's One-Child Policy.

Documentaries are supposed to inform us about often unspoken global issues and provide some critical insight to the matter. But my problem with them is that they never fully explain why a situation occurred in the first place, only just that it happened and this is what we have to do about it. 809 more words


3 factors that will affect China's GDP growth rate this year

Economists and China watchers alike have waited for news on whether China’s growth will remain high. Contrary to popular belief, a decline in growth would actually signify effective implementation of reforms and a healthier Chinese economy. 613 more words


China's skewed sex ratios by birth order

Although my independent study on the strategic fertility and child investment decisions in China under the “one-child” policy has come to an end, my interest in the topic has not. 276 more words