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So, about 5 Seconds of Summer

I can’t believe I’m writing this post. Actually, that’s not true. I can. I can definitely believe that I’m taking time out of my week to sit down and write a blog post about four boys from Australia who’ve opened for One Direction and are sending the punk community into a tailspin. 703 more words


We're Off! WWA Tour Begins

Well, it’s finally here – in just a few days, the North American portion of One Direction’s Where We Are stadium tour starts up in Toronto. 236 more words

One Direction

One Direction

In 4 days i’ll be in Toronto to see One Direction in concert! So excited!

My Life

The Lessons of the One Direction #FreePalestine Tweet

Usually when One Direction and the phrase “death threats” are in the same sentence, it’s a case of overenthusiastic fans defending their favorite pop stars… 575 more words

Teenage Wildlife - 'The Last Great Love Affair'

John Wright has established himself already within the music industry, as a photographer who has captured shots of some truly iconic artists. And now, with prompts from these established artist buddies of his, Wright is releasing music under the name Teenage Wildlife. 267 more words


[Skyfall - Book 1] Chap 6

06. Sát loại

Ngày hôm sau

Người của Dự án đến gọi Cayle khi đồng hồ mới chỉ có 8h sáng. Cô đã có một giấc ngủ không máy thoải mái. 7,138 more words


[Skyfall - Book 1] Chap 5

05. Good Bye and Farewell

Những tia nắng cuối ngày buông xuống mỏng như những sợi tơ, hôn lên bức tường học viện những vệt lấp lánh. 6,341 more words