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Day 37: Happiness for $1

Today I attended a day retreat on Friendship hosted by our Catholic Center’s women FOCUS staff at their “Pinterest-y” home in Cambridge. One of our reflections on the topic consisted of going on an Emmaus walk, which parallels the story in the Bible in which Jesus encounters the apostles shortly after His Resurrection on their way to Emmaus. 194 more words

Would you have sex with Paul Rudd for $1?

Who wants to have sex with Paul Rudd he has more money than Jason Segal! Love the minxes saying they’ll do it for free. Duh. “If you’re going to have sex with a gay person, go Jim Parsons or go home!” Classic.


Worth every dollar

In Boston there are many people out on the streets looking for change. Some very polite and nice and others make you feel uneasy or pressured to give some money. 221 more words


The $1 Oragami Microscope

Despite the simple construction, Foldscope is a capable tool of real science. Users can adjust the focus using paper tabs, and the engineering team, led by bioengineer Manu Prakash and funded in part by the Gates Foundation,  112 more words


Nha Trang

12th March 2014: Our second port in Vietnam was Nha Trang, one of Vietnam’s “premier” resorts. Ever to be know be me as “One Dollar” because everything here is One Dollar! 515 more words

Motorcycle City

An Unfortunate Metaphor

A student found this dollar bill in a textbook that I handed out about a week earlier. Obviously this dollar had been torn into many different pieces (some lost) and then taped back together using packing tape. 1,080 more words


Philadelphia : The one dollar trip.

Philadelphia(Philly) is a city that was never on my bucket list but I was aware that existed, and that is all the meaning it had in my life- until recently.   752 more words