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Day 17: Lopsided is the new Thursday

Today i worked late and fell asleep on the bus home with my nose LITERALLY in a book, as today’s smudge-o-tache may attest.  I now have a headache.   484 more words

Trigger - not my favorite horse

I’m going to start with the end. I found my predator – The Original Him – on Facebook. This was the end result of many catches of the sweater on the barbed wire over the last few weeks. 181 more words

Breaking The Cycle

Steeple #photographychallenge

For my week one of the subject: I put a focus on the steeple wanting to pull out the architectural beauty. In doing that it pulled out some of the muted colors in the stonework. 166 more words


My name's Katie and I've got mental health problems...

…I thought I’d better say that first off, up front and out loud. I can hardly expect people to share their own experiences if I don’t share my own, right? 228 more words


I take this as a win

Yesterday, I learned about a young lady who , after 11 years of abuse, decided that enough was enough. She told her Mother about what her Step Dad had been doing to her. 261 more words

Breaking The Cycle

I am a mom to two angels

Today is not a day I ever thought I would participate in. When you hear the odds of being 1 in 4 that will miscarry a baby you focus on the favorable chances of being the 3 in 4. 1,130 more words

Three Parents (2011)

1. Father.
2. Mother.
3. Both.
Keeping score-
Children are raised
by one parent, one
in four.