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Before You Exit Reaches A Big Milestone On Facebook!

Before You Exit’s reached one of the greatest milestones a Facebook page could only wish for! Our favorite guys have reached the big 1 million count of likes on their official Facebook! 20 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

054: The source of a song

A long forgotten song carries a toolkit. A GPS to navigate your brain. Keys to unlock memories. An SD card with  images of when and where you heard it last. 18 more words

053: As Invisible as...

Invisible as 

… a lamp pole on a street 

… a butler at a wedding reception 

… mother’s love on a normal day 

047: The street sleeper

The night was slowing down at Sydney. A sleeping bag at the street. A sheet spread out in front – the coins tinkled in as people passed by. 35 more words

045: One Fan Less

He would watch every ball in a cricket game; every serve across the Grand Slam and every minute of a World Cup soccer game. He passed away yesterday. 23 more words

041: Gratitude to the Orange

Thank you.. 

for being the perennial dessert after a meal; 

for being the ever pleasant wash it down-er

for being an impulsive purchase always 

for being the emollient for the eyes  6 more words

Great North Run set for one millionth finish - could it be you? @NewcastleCC #SpinaBifida #Hydrocephalus

This year, the Bupa Great North Run will be the first event of its kind in the world to reach its one millionth finish, ahead of events in London, New York and Berlin. 293 more words