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Blurry: Observations of a Drunk

Wrote this Spring of 2011, ended up picking through it back then for scenes to use in other non-fiction pieces I’d written. Still like how all these sections come together though, so posting it here to get it out of my head. 5,562 more words

Short Story

The Difference Between A One Night Stand and Casual Sex

Sleeping Around

Sleeping around is inclusive of a one night stand and casual sex.Unlike casual sex a one night stand lasts only for one night. The expectation behind a one night stand is the hope of never seeing that person again. 363 more words

Casual Sex

So you're going to be a college freshman... Part 2

Hey guys so in case you’re new to this blog, this is a series I started to help upcoming freshman (as the title obviously states). Part 1 was all about the academics side of things which you should go read if you haven’t. 446 more words

Sexual Spelunking

Are You Missing Out?

I’ve never been the girl with a boyfriend. Well – I was maybe a few years ago, but I’m just the girl who bounces from person to person. 473 more words


Bed bugs

I’m writing this as I let the sun soak my skin. My only company is a less than perfect coffee despite there being plenty of passers by. 374 more words


Gems from Grindr

When a guy you hooked up with twice, and he feels comfortable enough to ask to borrow money. I was embarrassed enough for him. Needless to say he was immediately blocked.
Mister X


Dear User of the Left side of My Bed



My pillow is not a love letter you read to fall asleep.

I am not obligated to let you use it, in fact, let’s just do what we came here to do so that you leave. 276 more words

Love And Other Drugs