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Labor Day Weekend

“Hey there, you sexy gamer girl you.”

I put down my controller and check my messenger. I’m disappointed that it’s not Chris. 

“Sexy gamer girl? Really?” 435 more words

The Stories We Try to Kill

Sometimes the “stories that must not die” are the ones we wish would disappear.

As I get older and older, I realize that the stories that I try to hide aren’t the ones where I am the victim of abuse or injustice. 427 more words



For most people, religious or not, the notion of one night stands are very offensive, even the ‘seemingly’ loose and sexually promiscuous of humans find one night stands to be repulsive at some point. 661 more words

[RECAP] Tongue & Chic: BET Awards, One-Night Stands & More!

If you missed the fourth of July show here are a few reasons why you should watch the video below:

Novia, our entertainment expert, as always kickoff the show with the “Weekend Wrap-Up.” 77 more words

The Prim And Perverse

Friends With Benefits

This is a new world full of friends with benefits.Nobody wants to get married but just want to have sex and move freely.Marriage is a bad word for them.They just want to enjoy life full of sex with no strings attached.And they could fuck someone else if that particular friend is not available for sex.It’s a win win situation. 220 more words


Video Contagion: "Trick Advisor: Find A Trick You Can Trust"

We thoroughly research the beds we sleep in while traveling, why not give that same attention and concern to the person we’re planning to sleep with (even if for one night)? 13 more words


4 Reasons You Should Spend The Night

I don’t know why some people have this phobia of spending the night with someone; be it a one-night stand, someone you’re dating or someone you’re in a relationship with. 339 more words