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Running Up In Them Guts (A gentleman's guide to bedding women)

Pickup Artistry is the process of manipulating women into putting out through use of bullshit and a wing-man.  The process involves buying drinks for a woman, lying to her, exploiting her vulnerabilities and having a group of meat-heads run interference on her annoying friends who have the unmitigated gall to try to protect their drunk friend from potential rapists.   1,573 more words

All The Things


Physical distraction
Something to pass the time in
Something to make me sigh in
Momentary satisfaction
The sweat and the sheen
Two parts moving
Like a well oiled machine… 131 more words

Keepin It Real

Keepin It Real

You’re keepin it real
ly? You sure a
bout this? A sin
gle night of his
tory and a life
time of raisin… 86 more words


The Thirst Is Real

I think it’s clear that I love attention. Not in a psychotic nobody else can speak or shine kind of way, but in a wanting everybody to like me/talk to me all the time kind of way. 391 more words


My Craigslist HookUp

WINNER! Congrats Audiophelia!

I post an ad on Craigslist and get several responses, but choose to meet this one guy in particular because his words (in his emails, anyway) are very few, but also very…I don’t know. 1,192 more words

Stranger Erotica

How I Became a Heartbreaker

I get hits on this blog all the time that ask questions like “how do I become a heartbreaker” or “why is she such a heartbreaker?” The answer to this question is never really simple. 2,893 more words

Casual Sex

Double Standards: The 'Lad' vs. The 'Slut'

Many contend that student nights out are an ‘essential’ part of the University experience. Everybody gathers, looking their absolute best (and if not, it’s nothing copious amounts of alcohol and lack of lighting can’t fix!), the music is blasting, you’re having a great time and suddenly you’re up close and personal with somebody.   582 more words