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How I Became a Heartbreaker

I get hits on this blog all the time that ask questions like “how do I become a heartbreaker” or “why is she such a heartbreaker?” The answer to this question is never really simple. 2,893 more words

Casual Sex

Double Standards: The 'Lad' vs. The 'Slut'

Many contend that student nights out are an ‘essential’ part of the University experience. Everybody gathers, looking their absolute best (and if not, it’s nothing copious amounts of alcohol and lack of lighting can’t fix!), the music is blasting, you’re having a great time and suddenly you’re up close and personal with somebody.   582 more words


Shannon's Cravings


Shannon had always been shy and awkward in high school. At her brother’s persistence, she tried out for the cheerleading squad. As Shannon went through the routine in the packed gymnasium, everything she had practiced and memorized was lost in a moment. 2,002 more words

Stranger Erotica

My Craigslist HookUp

I post an ad on Craigslist and get several responses, but choose to meet this one guy in particular because his words (in his emails, anyway) are very few, but also very…I don’t know. 1,192 more words

Stranger Erotica


YOLO may perhaps be the most obnoxiously over-used saying ever, and somehow it’s still lingering around our vocabulary. If you only live once, then why not make a few mistakes?  150 more words

Casual Sex

Reminds Me of You

The conversations I have with my colleague Michelle during our lunch break are definitely the highlights of my weekdays. We usually meet at the pantry after 3:00 PM, because that’s when there’s no one else is around. 342 more words


Foggy days of early spring

I have always loved the early morning of a foggy day, especially in early spring. It is quiet and empty. The air is cold and damp but filled with hints and promises of a better life. 1,025 more words