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And Today Is . . .

Better than yesterday.

No, it doesn’t always work out that way.

But it works out that way often enough that I’ve learned to wait and see.

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One of Those Days.

The title of this post makes it seem like I have had a really bad day, but I haven’t. I don’t expect that will it turn badly either. 385 more words


Some Days Are Just Like That

Some days you wake up, and your enthusiasm just isn’t there.  This is one of those days for me. 

Now my usual response to a day like this is to blow it off with some kind of joke and move on, but in light of… 59 more words


One of Those Days

I wandered into the kitchen to forage for snacks while my friend (who I shall fondly refer to as Burgermeister from here on out) took charge of starting the movie (“The Men” starring Marlon Brando) which we intended to have entertain us that evening. 58 more words



What can I say? There are so many feeling that I do not know how to portray in writing.  know two thing, depression is real and Hollywood will not be the same with out Robin Williams. 428 more words

Trying To Inspire