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Dear Social Media: Oops

Ever realize you haven’t posted a blog in quite some time? Or that you fell off the face of the twitter world for a few weeks? 384 more words


One of those days.

Ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? Yeah, me too. Today is not one of those days though. I am having one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! 86 more words

Figuring Life Out

One of THOSE days...

Why, oh God why??

Since I woke up today, like 4 hours ago, I haven’t got anything done (Internet, I hate you), but the bed. I was in my search of the perfect Christmas present for my boyfriend, but websites seem to make fun of me, I am trying to move around things and it seems like I am unable to understand anything WordPress or Google tell me in order to improve my website.., 87 more words


One of 'those' days.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling so optimistic for the day ahead, only to discover that all those high hopes you had were false? 803 more words

Kaboodle Ramblings

I blame the concussion!

This morning our 5 year old daughter woke up in a mood like no other. I handed her the clothes she would be wearing for the day and she roared at me like a ferocious beast as the clothes came hurtling back to me from over the couch. 597 more words


A body wash in your hair kinda day...

Slam the snooze…wake up late!


Body wash in the hair!

Stub my toe on the tub.

It’s that kinda day…

Coffee spilled on the stairs! 16 more words

I'm Important Too...