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Unwanted Visitors

And then there was another one of those days when Nothing decided to come over, along with its friend Dunno, and sit down inside my head. 76 more words


One of Those Days

My daughter had a friend over today.  Spring break can seem long when there is nothing for a Kindergartener to do; even a short visit from a friend can make the time pass in a more pleasant manner. 302 more words


Left Right!...Right Left?

There are days when I just keep tripping over my own two feet. I just can’t seem to get it together. Today is one of those days. 124 more words

Self Help - Help Self

#100HappyDays: Day 14

This one was almost forgotten (hence the empty cup) but a coworker reminded me to post it. I was very tired today. After an unsuccessful try at a short nap before work, (imagine a little girl poking you in the eye, taking your phone, turning off the x box, pulling your hair…. 158 more words




Today was one of those days.  It stems from my excitement from last night, no less. 

Nothing uber fun, so mind out of the gutters, guys.  714 more words

Good day

You know it will be a good day, when you have a hard time putting your underroos on.

Daily Thought

The Law of Attraction: Easier Said Than Done

So I recently watched “The Secret” and needless to say I was inspired…..for like a day.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful film, and everything they are essentially saying is true. 480 more words

Finding The Real Chantal