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Pestilence and rule-breaking

Oh man. Today = discovering lice (which had, terribly unfortunately, been around for a long time, as we found out) and getting it treated. All of our heads, including Ted’s which doesn’t have that much of a natural habitat for them. 247 more words

I'm having "one of those days"

You know the kind:

You can’t remember if you put deodorant on.

You wore something that in the light of day does not fit right or is not super appropriate for work. 87 more words

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How I Saved "One of those Days"

I felt great when I woke up this morning. We went through the normal morning routine at the Searby house with no tears and no screaming, which was amazing in itself. 424 more words

Moments a Treasure

The sun slides in the horizon, turning the sky a gorgeous orange.  I wondered why I left my phone on the table today.  If I run back to the house, I’ll miss the moment, if I stay, I can’t share this with anyone else. 226 more words

Happy Ramblings

Day 14- Confessions

Today the adventure of homeschooling just plain didn’t happen. No grand trip through history or mathematical fields of wonder, no carefully followed dot to dot letter pages, no bated breath waiting to see what happens next to The Boxcar Children…. 213 more words


My Weekend

(Sorry this is late I should have written this on Saturday and Sunday)

Riding in a Dalla-Dalla

Today (Saturday) I rode in a Dalla-Dalla. Now a Dalla-Dalla is a cross between a bus and a minivan. 96 more words


Thank You For The Poetry

I’d tell myself not to,
But on the most unguarded,
The most vulnerable moment,
It pops right into my mind.
Like a hand that grabs the ankle… 298 more words