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Life Knocks You Down

This week has been and eventful week, where to start. This week my parents told me that one of my aunts was rushed to a hospital for an emergency surgery and more information will follow. 561 more words

You Can Do It

35 nachten

De afgelopen dagen twijfel ik. Niet omdat ik niet weet dat het niet de goede weg is maar omdat de rationaliteit in een week van weinig slaap en veel feest naar de achtergrond wordt gedwongen. 51 more words

Short Thoughts

Time for a Change

I’m officially one frustrated, aggravated, absolutely pissed off woman anymore.

I’ve gotten to the point where I am overly frustrated with life and with the way things are. 323 more words

One Of Those Days

Try to Know the Difference

I consider myself to be a really opinionated person. I love to talk with people and exchange ideas on things and if you involve me in any conversation and want to know my thoughts, I promise I’ll give them to you and always tell you what I… 472 more words

Personal Thoughts

When days are grumpy

So they say what you focus on expands – so much truth in it. And yet today I cannot hide from my grumpy-ness. I am trying to focus on anything else but it keeps popping its ugly head. 158 more words


One of those days...

Everyone has them, you know, one of those days you can’t really explain maybe not even describe how you feel and therefore why. My nerves are so delicate, so fragile and there is so much going on that perhaps I’m just not all that ready to share though if I’m real aboutit I’m pretty sure that no one actually reads my blog. 375 more words

Sometimes You Just Need a Garbage Plate

Some days you just need a Garbage Plate. You know. One of those meals that you just throw whatever looks good in your fridge onto a plate. 146 more words