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Day 314:

Cannot think of an appropriate title for today. So many planes have crashed or disappeared over the past few months that it doesn’t make any sense. 65 more words


This is another edit of an old photo. I know that I have been relying on that a lot, which I feel bad about. But due to circumstances at home I had to cancel my trip to SDCC, so at the moment it’s hard to pick up my camera. 164 more words


Day 313: Maybe Someday

Truths are written, never said.

Sometimes I enjoy reading sweet contemporary stories more than classics, especially silly unrealistic love stories. It’s probably because reality is never pretty. 40 more words

April 2014 - From Mindoro to Home

Since we’re nearing the end of July now, I think it’s appropriate that I finally put a fitting end to this Mindoro series, no? Rest assured that it’s not half-heartedly done, though – in any case, our last day and trip home were as equally inspiring to write about as the trip itself was.

One Photo A Day

Day 312: Darkness

… Without it we don’t know how good light is.