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Ground Beef & Broccoli Curry

“One Pot Wonder” is the term we jokingly refer to in our home, when we reference this type of dish.  “What’s for dinner, Mom?”  I reply, “Oh, just a one pot wonder.”  What’s the definition of this term?   303 more words

Meats & Main Meals

Philly Cheesesteak Stew

Do you ever get an intense craving for a good philly cheesesteak sub? Like an, ‘I know I’m not pregnant or anything, but I have got to have one right. 521 more words


Campfire Paella Primavera

I am a native urbanite and a city girl through and through, but every few months my tiny apartment and the crowded Manhattan streets begin to feel oppressive and I start itching to be out in nature. 653 more words


Tomato Risotto

Late August is tomato season, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Here in western Massachusetts, August is the time of year when the tomato crop is bumping and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have tomatoes in some way each and every day. 467 more words


Pasta Frittata and a quick meal plan

Evening everyone! I know this week I have been a little AWOL. It has been crazy busy! It has been one of those weeks that seems like it is taking forever to end, yet it seems like you can’t keep up and everything is moving too fast! 304 more words


One Pot Meal -- Sage & Garlic Roast Chicken

So lately whenever I hang out with some friends, I always ask them if they have checked out my food blog or not. Usually the answer is a yes (because I ramble on about the blog to them a lot and they are A+ friends), and normally they complement the logo or writing, but very few ever comment on the content. 785 more words


Pumpkin-Egg Stir-Fry

My dad always told us to eat the skins of fruit like “because that’s where all the vitamins are”, and later, when we got older, “also because that’s where all the fiber is”. 496 more words

Lazy Days Every Day