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His Seat

Miles is infatuated with a painfully shy boy in his college English class. 
TW: bullying, homophobia, homophobic slurs. 4,355 more words

I Came to Support Kim Tan

Uhm…This contains spoilers from Gangnam 1970. So read at your own risk.


“Where are you?”

Shin Hye shook her head.  Typical Min Ho.  No greeting at all.   2,596 more words

One Shots

Heer-Ranja ki baad

This is what I feel should have happened after the Heer-Ranha scene.

Khushi looked at Arnav. Had he truly meant everything he had just said. Did he really… Khushi looked at Arnav,  his eyes closed. 1,170 more words

One Shots

Fourth Random But Not Last Addition of Skhuggies: 4.0 Style~

To Minnie’s Readers,

Hello guys! It’s been a looong time. Look at that. It’s the new year already! How is everyone’s new year coming along? 2014 was one of the best years of my life so far so I am really looking forward to what 2015 will bring my way. 134 more words


A Descriptive One-Shot

Here’s just a little one-shot I wrote, focusing intensely on description and less on story development.  I was hoping for a little emotion, and I think it should be read carefully.   412 more words

One-Shot Adventure: Capture A Dragon!

One-Shot Adventures provide adventuring hooks for stand-alone adventures that can be ran through in one or two gaming sessions or inserted into existing campaigns for a change of pace. 709 more words


The History of Impel Down (Gol D. Ace's Story)

Ace fell in love with a fellow prisoner in Impel Down – the greatest prison in the entire sea. Drawn in by her sweet voice, Ace hardly notice the weeks of torture that have passed and it’s a great help for him in order to be sane. 87 more words

One Piece