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One Shots Special

Yes we love Arnav & Khushi, but IPKKND was more than just them.

This ONE SHOTS SPECIAL is dedicated to other beloved characters of IPKKND. It’s amazing how these writers have captured nuances so easily overlooked, yet provides beautiful insights into the world we are ever fascinated by. 460 more words


12 Days of Christmas Eve (Review)

I review 12 Days of Christmas Eve from 2004, mostly comparing it to Groundhog Day.

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Download it (right-click and choose “Save As…”): 12 Days of Christmas Eve


One Shots Updated 11

The following has been added to the One Shots Main Page

A Tale of Falling in Love by Expel

Excerpt: She wished he would stop staring at her lips. 434 more words


One Shots Updated 10

The following has been added to the One Shots Main Page

Aisi Deewangi by Dil

Excerpt: “Love, Lust. . It’s all the same.. .All 4 letter words… What I feel for you, this passion, I’ve never felt for anyone else. 301 more words


One Misty Morning



She scrambled up to the seat of the chair, her little, lithe body thrumming with excitement. Once there, she hoisted herself up on the wide ledge at the bottom of the window she had stacked the chair against and sat, breathing a little hard. 1,717 more words

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