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seldom see through his bars of rage

From when their arms brushed, Chastity could feel the tinge of dampness of the other’s skin, the water still trickling down her hair. She didn’t tell her cellmate that was stupid, that it was always winter here and the cold would freeze the water. 2,601 more words


Sketch of Me

“Stop staring at me.” She said pointedly.

“Your eyes aren’t even open!” He exclaimed.

She was lounging on one of the many leather, winged back chairs in the university’s library. 855 more words

Short Stories


She was younger, sure, but she was an old soul underneath the paint-stained face and filthy mouth. She was intelligent. She liked to have fun. She was daring. 925 more words

Short Stories


It nagged her so much.

Minju turned over at the break of dawn to find Jiyong peacefully resting next to her. His eyes were gently shut, and his chest matched a rhythmic beat as he breathed. 846 more words


No Comment


With Jiyong’s strong and manly image, most people imagined him to be into mature stuff, let alone kissing.

Only Minju knew the truth.


Foreword… 95 more words


sing for me, little dove

It was a song she used to know, a rhythm she used to tap against her thighs, and she could taste the words just on her tongue. 2,473 more words


bring me back to life

BREAKING NEWS: heiress Chastity Queen who had died along with her brother and lover, Seren Jones, scandalously five years ago is alive, having survived on an island for the past five years. 1,243 more words