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A New Morning by RTlicious

Excerpt: She looked at the large portrait of her sister that hung on one of the walls in the living room…her smiling face, dimpled cheeks and twinkling eyes looking down at Khushi who sat with tears welling in her eyes…she missed her sister…missed her more than anything! 490 more words


Upcoming new fanfic ♥

Ever watched Kitchen Nightmares? Well I’m currently in the middle of a Chef Ramsay x Reader, two part one-shot… if that makes sense. I hope to publish it sometime soon. 34 more words


Fanfiction ♥

When you’re thrown into the life of a notorious art thief, your life seems as if it can’t get any better… But a detective comes along and tickles your fancy, how would Alexandre LeMatteu, your husband, take his findings… How will you both get out of the mess you’d gotten yourselves into? 298 more words



He has been in love with her since middle school. He cannot tell you her favorite color or her favorite foods. He can tell you about the way her eyes crinkle in the corner when she laughs or how many freckles dust her cheeks in the summer. 54 more words

Short Stories

High School Friends

The two walked around the store as if they were doing a dance, weaving in and out of each other’s way but always close to each other. 1,197 more words

Short Stories

I Believe You

 “Are you okay?” she asked suddenly, turning to her companion. 

He glanced up from his feet. 

“Of course I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be fine?” 248 more words


I Knew You Were Trouble

Here’s an inspired post for you guys. Enjoy~

You are dangerous – it’s undeniable. You cannot hide it, Not with you walking like you own the hallway. 298 more words