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Bibi says Gaza conflict will be long

Rebuffing appeals from President Obama, the United Nations and others for an immediate cease-fire, Netanyahu said in a televised address, “We will not finish the mission, we will not finish the operation, without neutralizing the tunnels” through which Hamas fighters have sought to infiltrate Israel. 104 more words

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Palisrael Countdown

Like many we are anxious for Israelis and Palestinians to reach a settlement on the issues of land, resources, governance and peace.

We believe that intelligent, peace-loving humans should be able to achieve such a settlement in a period of 5 years if a serious, concerted effort is made as of now. 50 more words

One State

Five Palestine Futures

Background and Foreground      



For years, perhaps going back as far as the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991, influential international debate on the future of Palestine has almost exclusively considered variations on the theme of a two-state solution. 3,175 more words

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