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The Hurdle That I've Cleared..

Yesterday, I gave my last speech in my college Oral Communications class. This speech was no ordinary speech, it was a persuasive speech. I chose to persuade people to think more about rape and how terrible it is. 246 more words

Do not make excuses, make possibilities.

Do not make excuses, make possibilities.

This day and age is it very easy to be “just to busy.” I know that we all are moving at the speed of light and are always swamped. 85 more words

“A new beginning is not an elevator ride. And, it’s not an escalator ride. It’s a walk of faith, one step at a time.”

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Lend Your Leg

Professor Ian Maddocks AM, guest speaker, captivates the audience during his very powerful, emotive speech.

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As I write our Crowdfunding campaign has reached $2700!! Amazing support from people who can see this is a worthwhile project for communities affected by landmines across the world. 44 more words

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Giving out ribbons for legs…Irene Gale, Helen Stanger, Adrian Von der Borch

Now there’s a bunch of beautiful legs!!! Barry Whitney, Irene Gale and friend

Friendly supporters

Lend Your Leg Success

Last night was an amazing night with nearly 200 people attending the Lend Your Leg and Art Exhibition event at Peter Bok’s BAPeA Gallery.

The Crowdfunding campaign was launched for… 83 more words