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Day Three: Social Media

For Day 3, I told people on Facebook about my idea to download the Walmart Savings Catcher and donate the proceeds to charity.  Would anyone else be willing to do it?  174 more words

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Day Two: Savings Catcher

Today I downloaded the Walmart Savings Catcher on my phone, which automates their price-matching policy and refunds you via eGift Card.  I intend to use whatever savings I “catch” to buy items for the food bank. 20 more words

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Do You Know Jesus? [SERMON]

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple

Listen to this past weekend’s sermon on Sound Cloud.



Inspiration, cliff scrambling and as seen on TV

I woke up yesterday morning not wanting to go on my long run. This has been my second week of slightly reduced and slower miles to see if the twinges in my left arch go away (and they have!) so it wasn’t my body giving me the metaphorical finger, it was my brain. 829 more words

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Day 4: Research

Spent an hour researching various ways to make a difference in the world.  Found out there’s not a lot of people writing about doing what I’m doing.  132 more words

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Day One: TOMS Shoes

For the first day of making a difference, my husband and I each bought a pair of TOMS.

One of the things that typically keeps me from jumping on the charity/social enterprise bandwagon is cynicism.  323 more words

One Thing

Three Things That Happen When You Are In A Hurry (2014)

1. Slow traffic.

2. Forgotten items.

3. Long grocery lines.


Patient times met-

When you step in with that just one

item to get.