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What I Keep Finding

All expectations laid aside, I had *hoped* to post at least once a month.

There have been challenges – physical, emotional, spiritual…

And though time and energy fail me, I want to speak of what my heart knows: 304 more words

Filling my bucket...

I remember this little song I sung as a child called, “There’s a hole in my bucket.”  It was a song between Liza and Henry and how to fix their bucket and in the end, after going over different options on how to fix the bucket, Liza told Henry to “use his head.” You can find more about the song here: 716 more words

A few months later...

I know.  I know.  I haven’t blogged for about three months.  It’s been nuts!  Vacation, doctor’s office, Inspirational breakfast, college.  I had a lot on my plate these past few months…and it does not stop there. 675 more words

My Movie Screenplay-My Story-My Life


And just when I thought everything was going so well.

I’m two weeks from a pretty successful Lenten ‘best behaviour’ period, and all of a sudden, it feels like I’m about to roll down a hill to nowhere. 645 more words


This One Thing

Men may be divided into two classes—those who have a ‘one thing’ and those who have no ‘one thing’ to do; those with aim, and those without aim in their lives… The aim in life is what the backbone is to the body: without it we are invertebrate.” How frightening it would be to be “invertebrate”—to be spineless, weak, and weak-willed—especially in the Christian life!

450 more words

"Seek the ONE THING..."

If you could ask for only one thing, what would it be? In Psalm 27:4, David said there was only one thing that he sought after and that was to dwell in God’s presence. 379 more words


I Went for Walkies

And I’m still going with the ‘do at least one thing a day.’ thing… Although, keeping to the ‘least’ part of that…

Today, I went for a walk. 188 more words