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Frame Narrative Fiction

As a lover of fantasy I’m often drawn to stories built on a foundation of lore, myth, and history. If a fantasy is good, I feel immersed and intrigued.  701 more words


Super Heroes

Yes, it’s Friday, and I should be posting a picture for you out there to use as a writing prompt.

But today, I’m going for something a little diferent. 138 more words



This second story is a meta-story, meaning that it’s a story about stories. A story about a story about stories. As Borges wrote somewhere, the infinite of two mirrors facing each other is a false infinity. 277 more words


What Would You Do With A Magic Carpet?

The magic carpet appears in many myths and fairy tales in many different cultures around the world. In some versions the carpet flies, in others it materializes with its passenger at a destination. 726 more words

Flying Carpet

Arabian Nights (One Thousand and One Nights)

So, the version I picked up of this is written by Wafa’ Tarnowska, who grew up hearing versions of these stories told by her grandmother, and illustrated by Carole Henaff. 659 more words


Night 28: Hanan al-Shaykh

Hanan al-Shaykh’s One Thousand and One Nights (2013) is a recent ‘retelling’ of the great corpus. I unfortunately have to issue a small hatchet job, which is a shame, as I was wholly enthusiastic prior to reading this, reading many positive reviews. 320 more words

Arabian Nights

Beirut Essential Reading (Part I)

When my husband first proposed Lebanon as a possible destination for our family, I embarrassed myself by momentarily confusing it with Libya. (Cringe.) A little internet research cleared up that confusion, and also let me know that Lebanon is also not the tragic and war-torn place that it had been during its 15-year civil war. 1,494 more words