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California First on Football Hitting Legislation

I received this email late last night:


Assemblyman Cooley’s office just phoned to say that Gov. Brown has signed Ca. AB 2127, making California the first state to legislate reduced contact on high school practice fields. 

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Athletic Training

Day 8

DAY 8: 15th July 2014

One whole week and 12 hours! Woohoo! 22 more days to go!

I’m amazed I haven’t caved, I really am. Today has been a bit of a rough day, with a real blues kick this morning, dealing with medical things and referrals and blech… but I’m still here, still on track. 459 more words


One Full Week of Blogging [7-14-14 Day 8]

Today marks one full week of me blogging about my life. I can’t believe I kept this up. Usually I will start something and do it for a couple of days and stop completely and then pick it back up randomly a few weeks later. 943 more words

My Life

One Week...

This has to have been, so far, the slowest month ever.

Even work can’t speed it up.

There’s a week left before the trial starts. Half a week until she meets a barrister and judge to do with the case. 82 more words

Big News!

Welcome to my site everyone!  I’m very excited to announce that my erotica romance ebook, One Week in New York, has just been released on Smashwords and for a special price of $ .99! 218 more words



Melvin was pointing at his private parts rather shamelessly. We were all at the PG canteen; he was at the counter, buying coffee. From the other end, Krishna and I were calling out orders to him: “Melvin, one samosa!”; “Melvin, one Bus Pass!”; “Melvin, one Jockey!”. 473 more words

Days Away

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 372 more words