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One Word Wednesday, Trail

This week, I took the opportunity to photograph the full moon on July 12.  I also took some time to photograph the highway beside me and was quite pleased with the results. 194 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

One Word Wednesday - Super Moon and Dog Walking

Last Thursday night (July 12) at 12:25 p.m. MT one of the five super moons due this year shone from the sky.

Super moon is the name coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle over 30 years ago for the times when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. 270 more words

One Word Wednesday

One Word Wednesday


We don’t always see things as they are…but as we are.

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One word Wednesday, Sky

I took our girls out to see the Snowbirds in Portage La Prairie, in June. They only do one show per year in Manitoba and I thought It would be a great experience for them. 205 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

One Word Wednesday, Layers

This week, the theme is layers and I wanted to show how I used them to create a sense of depth in the image.

How you present it is up to you. 135 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Graphology – One Word Wednesday

Graphology is the study of handwriting as it reflects the writer’s character, personality, and abilities.

According to the chart below there are 5,000 personality traits distinguishable by the size of your letters, spacing between words, and shapes of letters can all signify different characteristics. 82 more words

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