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One Word Wednesday - Prairie

I grew up on this every summer evening and will never get tired of watching these prairie sunsets! Evenings are getting chilly – between 0-10ºC – and this warms my heart like a good cup of hot chocolate… going to make myself some now, you too? 149 more words

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Word-Magic – One Word Wednesday

Webster defines word-magic as magic involving the use of words in a manner determined by a belief that the very act of uttering a word summons or directly affects the person or thing that the word refers to. 352 more words

Judythe Morgan

One Word Wednesday - Apprehension

With this week being the start of a new school year, apprehension is a fitting theme.

The girls were walking in a little bush and were literally about 10 feet from me when I took this picture. 158 more words

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Perseverance – One Word Wednesday

In case you don’t know what perseverance is, it’s the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, discouragement, obstacles, or opposition.

Perseverance is a tenacious trait unlike  77 more words

Judythe Morgan

Not Another Day Here!

We’re still here in the hospital – 6 days now – and I’m hoping that soon we’ll go home. Bo has to “pass the test” and then he’ll be paroled. 214 more words


One Word Wednesday, Night

I shot this in full moonlight and used the flashlight app on my phone to illuminate the tree.

This weeks theme is Night.

How you present it is up to you. 136 more words

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