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One Word Wednesday, Discarded

Ever feel like little kids toss their toys wherever they are just to see if you’ll clean up after them? My twins are slowly coming out of this stage – a little. 224 more words

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If you’ve ever heard me speak, you know I mispronounce many words.

Especially AUTHOR, which comes out like Arthur. It’s very sad because I am an author. 131 more words

Judythe Morgan

One Word Wednesday- Nature-filled

What’s happening ya’ll? Besides the sun shining and the mild temps. A girl could get used to this!

It’s time for another One Word Wednesday. You get to see what I’ve been up to or lovin’ lately. 113 more words

One Word Wednesday

Dress - One Word Wednesday

By dress, I mean what we wear generically. Not the specific ladies’ apparel.

Spring always reminds me of shopping for a special new church dress for Easter Sunday. 165 more words

Judythe Morgan

One Word Wednesday - Cheap

This week I thought I’d post a practise shot with some cheap props. I love cheap props because it doesn’t matter if the kids play with them or destroy them later. 177 more words

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